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Summer has blazed.
A time for heroes to rise from flames.

Vincent has only one rule, never change the past.

Married to a woman who only cares about herself, he spends his time working for the Hero Society. Devoted to saving those he can in the present while traveling throughout time for inner peace.

Until her.

His best friend, and pen pal Emily.

He knows he should stay away. She’s kind and has a gift that makes everyone around her feel safe and loved. She doesn’t need his drama.

There’s also the little fact that she’s from the past.

Together, they must protect mankind from a greedy corporation that will scorch the Earth.

Vincent has saved the planet before, but this time the stakes are higher. To let the past happen as it previously did means losing Emily.

But to change the past means making a choice. Saving countless lives and staying in the future with his wife or the woman of the past who sets his heart ablaze —her sister.
It’s the heroes against time, and one choice could destroy it forever.

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