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The Solstice has crested.
A time for heroes to reach the climax. 

Phillip Griffin has the gift of foresight. He sees all possible futures, and has learned how to navigate those delicate lines for the best possible life for all. Making him the most powerful man in the world. 

When he gambled the Hero Society with their very lives to achieve the best outcome, everything turned out victorious in the end.

Until her.

Mina is the one person in the universe that can keep Phillip on his toes. She fell for him once, but this time around things aren’t so easy.

Both are playing a game that could end in disaster. 

Will they gamble too much to win?
Or will the creator of the Hero Society finally have his queen by his side? 

This short story may have some errors.

Without Further Ado, Here is Solstice. Enjoy <3 





Turns out, making Mina fall in love with me was more difficult than I had seen.

One of the reasons I loved her was that she kept one of the only men in the world who knew all possible futures on his toes. I swear she was the only person in existence that could surprise me. Even Dorian, the other on Earth that saw futures, was predictable. The right strings, the right lines to follow, and boom. The best future for everyone.

I’d toed the line for the future I knew was the best for everyone I cared about, and it wasn’t easy. People got hurt, and some even died. In the end, I made a gamble on the villain falling in love and changing everything. My gamble paid off and all was great.

Except the love of my life didn’t remember me. A little flaw in the when I changed time. Some with powers, and all that didn’t possess any, had no memory of the year that we changed. Nothing of the original rise of the Hero Society, or it’s downfall. A whole year had been put on repeat. We’d gotten a second chance to do everything right, and we were going to do exactly that.

But of course, I didn’t take into account that some things happen a certain way for a reason. I’d seen all my futures with Mina. Her cute button nose, mossy green eyes, and blonde hair for days. All mine, as I was hers. Before, it hadn’t been easy to stay away from her. I’d rescued her brother, gave him a purpose, but I couldn’t reunite them right away. She had another destiny to fulfill with Lilith and Leon’s story. Everything had to fall into place the right way.

Now, everything is different.

A.J. found Mina and brought her to me after the big time jump event. She jumped into my waiting embrace as her petite frame latched onto me like a spider monkey. She was back in my arms where she belonged.

I’d make her fall in love with me again. Which was easy to do when you’re soulmates and can see all the potential futures.

Then, the unexpected happened.

When everyone walked back into Headquarters to celebrate our new chance on life, my eyes fell on my future wife who had that look of pure mischief dancing inside her eyes She lowered herself to the ground, was quick like lightning, and I was suddenly doubled over in pain from the punch to the gut she gave me.

“That’s for keeping my brother away from me.”

Two percent.

That future had a two percent chance of happening. There were so many others that should have come to pass. One where she kissed me, and we got married tomorrow after a night of drunken celebration sex. Even that had a sixty-three percent chance of happening!

The images of us tangled in my bed, then running off with her in her black hoodie, skinny jeans, and boots to say I do.

Nope. Couldn’t have been that future. It was this one. The long, complicated path. The one where she was going to fight being with me at every turn. The one where I was going to want to blow my brains out with a serious case of blue balls to add to my suffering.

Then, maybe just maybe, I’d get the girl in the end.

Good thing I was a gambling man.

Chapter One



Her blonde hair was wrapped around my fist, holding her in the position in front of me. Legs spread wide, ass in the air, with my dick sliding in and out. Over and over.

She wasn’t just gonna take it and not give back everything I gave her. No, her hips were meeting mine with every thrust. Her hand reached between us to play with my balls and shots of pleasure ran up my spine.

“Fucking hell,” she cursed. Her release was so close I could feel her sweet heat clenching me. Begging me to make her come hard.


My sister’s voice broke through vision number three of my possible futures with Mina. That one I liked a lot. Twenty-three percent chance of happening.

“You’ve been so out of sorts lately,” my sister says. “You’re not normally this distracted. Everything okay?”

Rose, my younger sister who was twenty-five years old, was sitting in her chair at the Hero Society Headquarters. She looked concerned, which of course this was one future. The other one, she threw a pillow at me to get my attention.

Her blonde hair was the same color as mine, and we both had hazel eyes. Mine were more on the greenish side, and hers on the blueish spectrum.

“Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

I always had a lot on my mind.

Constantly searching the futures for danger, for one. Threats to people I care about, as well as, all of mankind. Like a constant reel of every second of all life flashing through my head all at the same time. I’d gotten better at controlling myself. Now, I could hone in on one particular future instead of seeing multiples in one go.

“Mina still giving you a hard time?” Her expression fell and I hated seeing that look on her face. Rose had always been my world. She was my sister, and we were best friends. Always had been. She was short, and petite. With a pink birthmark that stretched from her right eye down to the corner of her lips. I thought it added character to her beauty, but looking different than others made life harder on her. She was constantly picked on. Used. Once my powers came to be on my sixteenth birthday, as they do for every lucky person with the god genes, she was my only tether on reality.

I was caught up in the futures for weeks, unable to see what reality was and what was future visions. I didn’t sleep, I could barely function. She’d taken care of me, and helped me find balance then.

So now I did everything in my power to make sure she was always happy.

“All in good time. She’s playing a game and I just have to hold on for the ride.” And pray I didn’t end up with road rash from being dragged along. That part I kept to myself. Rose could feel my emotions, being an empath, but she didn’t comment on anything. I’d gotten good at that too, blocking my emotions from her. I had enough to worry about, fates of the world and all. I couldn’t add her worrying about me to the list.

“I just want you happy.” She snuggled into the chair I bought for her and grabbed her kindle.

It’d been nine months since I’d managed to help save the world and changed time. So far, things were going smoothly. The Hero Society was reestablished. This time, everyone had secret identities, so heroes were able to live normal lives, and help people without dealing with all the scrutiny all hours of the day. The origin stories of how people with powers came to be and why were out in the public. People finally had an answer to those questions that had plagued them. Why me?

It was a question that caused so many problems in the past, even before my time.

The Greek gods had killed their own children, the demigods, who had become too consumed by power and greed. The people at the time didn’t like that and stopped believing in them. In a last-ditch effort to save their beloved humans, they casted their powers into the genes of man. Which flowed down through the generations into a host that the gene felt was worthy of powers. Those people were meant to be the heroes of mankind. To stand in the place of the gods who tried to protect them even in death.

It didn’t always work out that way. Draco, the leader of all heroes, was designated to teach them what to do and protect everyone.

One man couldn’t accomplish all that. When I first saw the future for the Hero Society pop up, I knew that was my destiny. To bring everyone together to fulfill the purpose of the gods.

“I will be.” It was as honest as I could get with her. The future was always changing but so far, the majority of mine were good. Eventually I won the girl. There was only a small one percent chance of Mina not being mine, and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure that future never came to pass.

In a rare moment, I was simply relaxing on the couch in the chill room with the tv on. I was always running my empire at Griffin Enterprises or running the Hero Society. But today everything was going smoothly on both fronts. So, I was taking a moment to do nothing. It was nice to just sit here with just the noise of the tv distracting me from all the images trying to play in my head.

I got all of thirty minutes of rest before the prominent vision of A.J., my computer genius, came bursting into the room. My head turned toward the door, ready to listen to him talk, even though I knew what he was gonna say.

Three, two, one.

“Phillip, glad you decided to hang out. I’ve got something to show you.” A.J.  spoke as he opened the door and sauntered over with a tablet in his hands before plopping onto the cushion next to me. Blonde hair and green eyes looked at me with pride. A.J had been a teenage runaway until I saved him. Now he’s the king of the command center. Keeping things rolling in an organized fashion.

My eyes glanced at the tablet, seeing what I already knew was there.

“Those are great numbers, A.J.” The Hero Society’s stats were in. So far this month everyone had been saving the day with minimum collateral damage. Thankfully, I’d stashed enough money and got insurance so whatever happened was covered. It could be rebuilt. The world knew I was an advocate for the heroes, but they didn’t know that I was the one who put it all together.

“Yeah. Shit is rocking this time around.” A.J. fiddled with the tablet, showing me more stats, and newspaper articles from Leon’s save yesterday. Once everything was reported, he simply sat there. Trying to come up with the words he’d been giving me since it was apparent Mina was going to be difficult.

“She’ll come around, Phillip. I know she will.” He gave me a sad smile, hoping in some way to make me feel better.

“I have no doubt.” I tapped my head, gesturing that I knew it all. But we were both really aware of the truth. I had no clue. Mina wasn’t like anyone I’d ever met. She was playing her game, and I was playing mine. Hopefully we would end up in the same winner’s circle together as husband and wife.


Chapter Two



Day sixty-six of mission “test fate.”

I understood perfectly well that Phillip was my soulmate. Which should have me leaping into his arms with kisses of love. Unfortunately, my knees have been bothering me lately, so there will be no leaping. Or kisses of love.

Phillip wasn’t the all-knowing like everyone thought. Sure, he could see all the futures, but he didn’t know which were going to happen. People were just predictable, and he knew how to play them like the perfect master of puppets. I, however, was not so easy to forecast.

He’d had it all too easy, moving his players around the giant chessboard of life. Now it was his turn to be on his toes. If he wanted me so badly, then he would stick it out. Play my game. If he gave up because the effort was too much, then fate was wrong. I was willing to test it out.

What my old buddy Uncle Ben said in the comics. With great love comes great responsibility. Or something like that.

So, it was my duty to make sure this great love of ours was true.

That’s why it was perfectly acceptable that I was now strutting into his secure office at work like I owned the joint to sit in his sexy leather chair, and his desk of power.

I wanted to get to know the man beneath the empire, and truthfully, I’m disappointed in myself that I never came here sooner. I’d been to his apartment, very neat and modern. Inside his car, well one of many. Now his office.

Phillip had been nothing but sweet to me, bringing me candy, and flowers in the morning when I took over command central for my brother. Two computer geniuses in the family. Who knew?

But beyond the sweet, swoonworthy man, was the man that played a game and kept A.J. from me for years. I searched for him high and low, but he’d managed to avoid me. No doubt with the help of Phillip, who knew who I was and what I was to A.J. It was all for the bigger picture, yada yada. I was worried to death that my brother was dead! For years!

You don’t just jump into the sack with someone who gave you years of heartbreak just because he’s perfect for you.

“Very tidy,” I commented as I plopped into the chair, rubbing my hands across his glass desk. Phillip was that, organized. He wasn’t a freak about it, but he did like things to be orderly. He also was a fan of saving the environment. Everything he owned was made from recyclable materials or was environmentally friendly. The man was practically a saint.

“What do we have in here?” I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was a hacker, and let’s face it, I loved to snoop. Maybe curiosity would kill me one day like it killed the cat, but until then I’ll just keep doing things that made my nipples tingle.

First drawer had nothing except an embossed notepad, and some normal office supplies. Lame.

Second drawer was at least more interesting. It had candy. I liked candy. Truthfully, I was a bit of a junk food addict. High metabolism blessed me with the tiny body that could withstand the amount of food I ate. Sadly, it also condemned me to small breasts, and barely a hint of curves. I looked like a petite ninja dressed in onesies and black all the time. At least I had pretty green eyes and blonde hair to add to my beauty. Everything else was like the body of a teenage girl, not the twenty-one-year-old I was.

Meh, what was my soulmate’s was technically mine, right? My fingers snatched up a Snickers bar, and dug in.

Next drawer!

There were flowers, and a note. Oh, cheese and crackers, he’d knew I’d be here, and left a little note for me.

Since you’re here, how about we go to dinner?

Forever yours,


“You’d been flirting with this idea for the past two weeks. I didn’t know which you’d choose, so I made sure I bought new flowers every day.” Phillip’s voice came from the right, my head turning so fast I might have broken my spine in the movement.

Oh, that dirty, underhanded bastard.

He saw this one coming and took advantage. I’d screwed up and now I was paying for it by walking out of here with wet panties. So uncomfortable.

Phillip knew that I found him attractive. He knew that there was a possible future that I’d beg him to let me suck him off while he sat in the chair of power, then bend me over the desk. But he also knew that I might chuck this candy bar at his head as well.

But, apparently, I was choosing the future where I’d stare at his bare body with only a towel wrapped around his hips. His muscles still coated with a sheen of water from a shower, and my mouth watered to taste those droplets.

He looked like the perfect Abercrombie and Fitch model. Six pack abs, check. V that makes my fingers ache to follow it down to another sexy member of his body. I mean really, was it not enough that he created the Hero Society and ruled his gigantic company? He had to be drop dead sexy too?

Instead of letting him see the drool trying to escape my lips, I shoved the candy in my mouth. The sweet chocolate distracted me for a few seconds, but my gaze found his and never moved. He had that smirk that led me to believe that he knew I was struggling with this situation.

“So, dinner? You seem awfully hungry.” He strutted over to the desk before resting against the corner. That towel slipping slightly. Only one small flick of my fingers and he would be naked before me.

Closing the drawer, I sat back slowly, sinking into the leather seat. Time for me to turn the tables.

“I am awfully hungry.” My gaze roamed over that sexy body of his, letting him see that I was indeed aroused by him. My nips were tenting in my shirt, my cheeks were flushed on my pale skin, and my fingers kept flexing to touch him.

“But that’s why I ordered Chinese takeout, so after I finished snooping for dirt in your office, I’d pick that up and head home for a date night with myself. I’m planning on putting out too.” I added then winked before standing, obviously not going to find anything here.

“You know I’d answer any questions you wanted. You don’t need to go ninja on my ass.”

There was no disappointment in his voice, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

“I like my way better,” I shrugged.

I needed proof.

“Well if you need inspiration for the climax of your solo date, give me a call.” He grinned, thinking maybe I’d take him up on it.

HA! Joke’s on him. I already had a recording of him moaning in his sleep for me. I’d achieved ultimate stalker status on accident.

I’d gone on a mission into his house to snoop and got stuck in his closet while he slept and dreamt dirty fantasies about me. I’d put a bug in his room, but after he left, I quickly took it out realizing how far I’d fallen for this test. Spying was one thing, but recording bedroom activities was something completely different.

“Hold your breath until I call.” I blew him a kiss and stood. Feeling a bit mischievous, I turned my body toward the drawers opposite of him. With a grin on my face, I leaned over, shoving my jean clad ass before him, while snagging his candy collection as my loot. I figured it was meant for me anyways.

His pained groan was all the satisfaction I needed from today’s ruined mission as I strutted out of his office. Soaking wet panties and all.


Chapter Three



Another month gone.

My fingers gripped my hair in frustration, thinking about how quickly time had passed since I’d caught Mina in my office, candy handed. Work was busy, the world always needed saving, and my girl had been dodging any time alone with me where I could initiate conversation.

So many versions of the future were beginning to overwhelm me.

Toxic waters slowly poisoning the Earth.

Big explosion at the Seahill Highschool from a science experiment gone wrong.

Mina getting kidnapped.

Two more heroes joining our cause to protect the world.

To say that I was being a bit grouchy today was an understatement. Normally I was able to control my powers better, but my emotions were a wreck because of Mina which scattered me too thin.

“Do it again.” I gritted my teeth and removed my fingers from my hair to grab the bar above my head. Three more bench presses of one fifty to complete a set of ten was my way of trying to burn the uneasiness in my head. Physical activity was supposed to help calm the mind, but it wasn’t working today. I sat up, shaking my fatiguing muscles out, and scanned the empty training room of Headquarters. I’d chosen this time knowing that no one would be here for a reason. I just simply didn’t want to talk about it today. Rose would try to root around to figure out what was wrong with me. Draco would give me a look and then tell me to just go fix it. Leon would probably just work out with me, no talking involved. Asher would use humor as his usual tool in this situation. I just wasn’t in the mood. I wanted to fix everything. Hell, I always wanted to fix the world’s problems. But, really, all I wanted was to fix Mina and I. Every time she bounced by me in her cute outfits, that sugary scent hit my nose and the urge to wrap my arms around her hit me like bullet. To kiss her cheek. Lick that sweet skin that always tastes like a pastry. She ate so much, I was pretty sure it escaped through her pores.

I’ve done everything I can think of when it came to her. I’ve used every vision in my arsenal to my advantage and I still don’t have her as mine.

Giving up wasn’t an option, especially since I knew what it was like to actually have her, but there were moments like this, the real lows where I wanted to.

Of course, the object of my obsession decided now was a good time to taunt me  with what I couldn’t have. Without looking at her, I stood and moved with purpose on the treadmill. Hopefully I’d run the desperation out of me.

I didn’t look at her when she exited the elevator, but I knew what she was going to do this time anyway. She was going to come talk to me all futures pointed toward that. But a conversation with her could go so many ways I didn’t even try to figure out which one would happen.

She pulled a chair over to sit right in front of me, her legs straddling the metal as her arms wrapped around the backwards chair. Watching me as I stared at the small TV screen attached to the treadmill.

“I wanna ask you some questions,” Mina spoke in a very nonchalant way.

“Ask away,” I breathed while continuing my jog. I loved this girl to death, and I fucking missed her something fierce. If I stopped moving right now, I would end up doing something stupid. Like jumping off and kissing her to the ground. She’d really love that. Not.

“Why do you wanna be with me?”

My eyes went straight to hers, she looked like her expression held both curiosity, and something more. The more was what made me slow my pace down to a walk.

“The long or the short answer?” I huffed, feeling slightly impatient.

I already knew which she’d chosen, but I wanted her to say it before I blurted out everything. She already knew my feelings. Maybe she was having an off day on her test fate agenda and needed to simply hear it again.

“I just want your answer.” She rested her chin against the back of the chair, like a child settling in to listen to her grandpa tell her his favorite story.

I wanted to keep the words inside. Just this once. She’d been withholding from me and I was feeling dickish enough to not give in this one time, but the look on her face had me baring my soul for her. Again.

“I love your spirit. I want to be with you because you surprise me in every way. Because no one makes my heart stutter before I know it’s going to, but you. I want to be with you so I can wake up with you in your cute-as-fuck onesies hogging all the covers. I want to be with you so I can hear you call yourself the Queen of Seahill every day. I want to be with you even when you’re a pain in my ass, and snore when you get a cold. I want to be with you because you are mine, and there’s no other crazy ass woman I’d rather be with.”

I wanted to throw my hands in the air from the frustration of her question. The whole situation was driving me nuts. Visions of the next minute run through my head, and I wish I knew which she’d pick. Although I was sure it wouldn’t be the one, I wanted. Unfortunately.

Driven mad by my words, Mina rushed from her chair, and kissed me. Finally giving in to what her heart and soul have been telling her all along.

Ten percent chance.

Mina scoffs and walks away without looking back, not believing my words one bit.

Thirteen percent chance.

She stares at me for another minute before her feelings pour out from her sweet lips.

“I want you, so fucking much. But I hate that I don’t remember our relationship from before. This whole thing between us feels real. But it doesn’t. I don’t like feeling like a puppet, and you hold all the strings. I’m so lost in my feelings I don’t even know which way is up.” She sucked in a breath, confusion lacing her tone.

“Give us a shot. Just try. Be with me.” I stepped off the treadmill and held my hand out for her to take. To take a chance on us, on me.

She stood and with a hesitant hand, placed her trust in my hand.

Sixty percent.

Mina stood from her chair without taking her eyes off mine, on light feet she strode toward my body with an unreadable expression.

“I’m sorry you lost me. If you love me and want me like you say you do, then I believe in the end you’ll beat me in this game. I can’t stop my mind once it’s turned obsessive, but I hope you hold out for me. Prove me wrong.”

Sixteen percent.

My eyes closed briefly, praying to whatever gods or powers that be, could let the vision with the highest percentage of happening actually come to pass. Our suffering would be over and I would be able to handle anything the world threw at me with her by my side. Please, please, please, I mentally begged.

My eyes opened to see which future she’d chosen and decide where we went from here.

Mina stood from her chair without taking her eyes off mine. On light feet, she strode toward my body with an unreadable expression.

“I’m sorry you lost me. If you love me and want me like you say you do, then I believe in the end you’ll beat me in this game. I can’t stop my mind once it’s turned obsessive, but I hope you hold out for me. Prove me wrong.”

My heart didn’t shatter like I thought it would. This option was still a positive one.

Out all of the futures I saw, what happened next was so far out of percentage that I actually hadn’t paid attention to it until it was happening. One percent. It was that one percent vision that came true.

Mina’s petite fingers hit the stop button on the treadmill as her other hand gripped my wrist and pulled me off the machine.

Her other hand instantly was at the back of my neck, pulling my head down as her toes raised her body up to connect her lips to mine eagerly.

My eyes were wide, in shock from the choice she was making.

Just as I relaxed, closing my lids, and a groan of beautiful agony bubbled up from my chest, she was pulling back.

Pure torture.

This kiss was like a tiny drop of water to a thirsty man in the desert.

“I’ll see you around, King.”

My knees wobbled and it wasn’t from the muscle fatigue. She called me the nickname she’d given me when we were together. Hope renewed in my veins as she pulled the chair back to its place and strode to the elevator without looking back.

Chapter Four



Yesterday had not been one of my finer moments, I’ll admit.

I was feeling down, and bored. A.J. hadn’t needed my help in the command center at Headquarters, and everyone else was busy with their own lives.

So, I sought out Phillip. I think there must have been some low blood sugar involved too because I’d kissed him and uttered hope that he would win.

Clearly low blood sugar was leading those actions.

I wanted him, but I was scared out of my mind for some reason. Completely unwilling to just let it go. I’d held off for this long, us dancing around each other, and I still had nothing.

Phillip was a good guy. He did what was right for his people, and the world. So why was a I fighting him so hard?

“What’s that face for?” Lilith, ex-spy, Hero Society member and my bff asked while sitting with me at my house.

“Contemplating life, and the desire for churros.”

Churros did sound good right now, and with chocolate dip too.

“Stress eating, are we?” She could see through me instantly, as she always could. Lilith had that way of reading people. I guess being a badass spy will give you that special skill.

“I told Phillip not to give up on me yesterday and kissed him.”

“You guys boned, didn’t you?” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively with her bottom lip snagged between her teeth. A wild one she was.

“No. I’m still unsure on how I feel about this whole thing. I mean, he knows we are destined for each other. Like it’s written in the stars, yada yada. I feel like I’m just a broken record now. I give up.”

Defeated. I was feeling defeated at the moment about what to do with my love life.

“Maybe you should try dating someone else? Go dancing or something. Go sit at a gaming store. Or junk food place. You’re sure to pick up your type of guy there.” Lilith shrugged and started to stretch her legs while I lounged on the couch. She liked to move, I however hated exercise.

“Maybe I will.” I looked around at my awesome apartment, contemplating the idea.

Actually, dating hadn’t occurred to me. Maybe I should see who else I could find and compare. Maybe I would run into “low blood sugar” issues with someone else too.

“You guys were cute together, you know. He made you happy and you made him happy. I saw it the moment he laid eyes on you before.” Lilith was only trying to help, I think she knew as much as the rest of them that Phillip and I were destined for each other. I just wasn’t sold right now. I needed more. I needed that undeniable gesture of love and devotion. Right now, all I had were his words, which were nice, but that was it. I couldn’t remember anything else from our year before the time change. It sucked but I couldn’t go back now. This was the present now, and I had to deal with that.

“I know. I think I’ll try dating and see. Maybe it’ll help with the obsession in my head.”

“There’s no fixing your head.” Lilith laughed and I threw my pillow at her, which she caught and tossed back. Some friend.

Later that evening, I was dressed up for once for a night out with the Hero Society girls.

Normally I wasn’t one to go out into the world and play like a regular girl. I was more of a homebody. I liked to hack computer systems from my couch. Listen to audiobooks, watch movies, binge shows I’ve already seen a million times like Supernatural.

I know I sound like some nerdy bum that lives in their mom’s basement, but in reality, I had a nice-ass apartment in the tallest building in the city. I helped stop internet child sex rings, and protected people’s bank accounts from being robbed. I was like one giant firewall for the evil. And I liked doing it. So, my price for helping the cyber world, and in turn the real world was chillaxing on the couch with some Cheetos and the Winchester brothers, seemed enough.

Just this morning I’d stopped a notorious group of Italians that were in the process of stealing a boatload of money from a starter company. Their hacker was good, but not as good as me. I watched through the cameras as they were busted, and charges were filed. They had a bunch of skeletons in their closet that were sure to surface after an investigation. Seahill was clean of scum once again.

Which brought me to my current situation of hanging out with my girls to get Phillip out of my head.

“I’ve never seen you in a dress.” Rose couldn’t stop staring at my appearance. In fact, all the girls in our group were looking at me with wide eyes as I walked over to the table.

“This might be the only time. I feel cold.” Wearing a short dress on the eve of winter was not my idea of fun, but Lilith suggested it. So, I was dressed up in boots—combat boots—and a dress that flared out at my hips with quarter length sleeves. All black of course. My hair was down in blonde waves, and my eyes had elegant black eye shadow instead of looking like a punk rocker. There was no hoodie or onesie insight much to my dismay. I was going to really give it a shot, and I figured looking like I wanted a man instead of an angsty teenager would do the trick.

“I think you look cute. Although, it isn’t you. If you’re going to try to date someone, shouldn’t they see you and like you for who you are?” Rose semi frowned. I get what she was saying, and maybe that part of me that felt confused about Phillip didn’t want any other man to know the real me. Only this adult sexy version.

“Maybe I should go home.” Doubt settled in my gut. I shouldn’t be here, doing this. I should be back home introverting my way to the couch and back on the computer.

Rose picked up on my emotions and glared at the other women to agree with her. “Let’s dance,” she urged.  “Forget about dating and men for a few hours. Girls night only.”

I felt somewhat better not having the pressure that I needed a date. But that weird feeling in my stomach that I was doing something wrong was still sitting like a stone in there.

Esme, Rose, Echo, Lilith, and I all danced on the floor of Club V where Lilith used to work before she quit to train heroes at Headquarters a few days a week.

Men tried to join us, but Echo was somehow very good at keeping them away. Maybe with her power to change into any animal she wanted, she growled at them or made her eyes look like a snake. I’d walk away from that quickly too.

But then I got parched from all the dancing that I wasn’t used to and went to get a water from the bar.

“Having fun?” a manly voice asked from my right.

After I sipped my water, I turned and saw a handsome man looking at me. Blue eyes, brown hair. He wasn’t that sexy all-American look I was attracted to, but I could maybe come to like the business vibe I was getting from him.

“Yeah. I don’t get out much like this, so it’s fun.”

I tried to be engaging. You know, talk to other people besides Hero Society people.

“That’s great,” he said with a grin. “I saw you dancing out there. Maybe once you’re all refreshed, I could join you for a song?”

His eyes sparkled in way that seemed genuine. He was probably a nice guy, and I should dance with him. Plus, he had a nice Italian accent, very smooth and exotic.

So, I nodded before taking three more deep sips of my drink, and we walked to the dance floor together. He was much taller than me, and he filled out his dress shirt and pants well, but there was something missing that didn’t make my mouth water.

Slowly, I peered at my friends who were giving me a thumb’s up and continued dancing together. Well, at least they weren’t upset that I did end up trying for a date. Kinda. It was just a dance, and probably wouldn’t lead to anything else.

“I’m Ethan by the way.” He held out his hand, and I placed mine in his for a shake.


We danced about a foot apart, his hand still holding mine. He spun me this way, then back toward him. He was quite the dancer, this handsome stranger.

When he pulled me back against his body, his front to my rear, my eyes were drawn to the other side of the dance floor and that stone in my stomach felt like a boulder.

Phillip was dancing with a woman. They weren’t touching, but he was looking at her, and she was looking at him as they danced together.

Red coated my vision.

I had no right to him, to feel this form of hate right now. But I did. God, did I. I had asked him to wait for me yesterday, to prove me wrong about it being our destiny to be together. I gave him hope!

And here he was dancing with someone else.

Without another word to Ethan, I marched over to Phillip who hadn’t seen me coming.

Chapter Five



I saw what I needed to do, so I took the chance. God, did this path toward my chosen future suck but this was the only way.

My body tightened at the nearness of Lexi, the woman who I was dancing a good two feet away from at Club V. Mina was here, and she was looking for some schmuck to see if anyone was better than me. This was the only way. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw Mina talking to a man at the bar. It was obvious where things were going to go between them and I started dancing with the first woman who batted her eye lashes with me.

I knew when she spotted me, the whole room felt like it froze over. Except where I stood, that one little three feet diameter was on fire. Hell, I’m surprised I didn’t melt from the rage that was being shot at me.

She was already on the move when I finally let my gaze fall upon the fury coming my way. God, I loved her hellion expression. She was just as much a fighter for what was hers as the other Hero Society girls behind her watching. She may feel like she wasn’t much, but she was a goddess and could handle her own through and through.

This was the part I was not looking forward to.

As soon as she reached Lexi and I, a frown appeared on my face knowing what was coming next. But this had to happen, it was the only way that small percent of winning my girl back would come to pass.

Three men with guns burst through the door to the club and started shooting. The whole room panicked, a mixture of people running and dropping to the ground for their lives. I did as I knew I was supposed to and reached for Mina, but my body was already being pushed far away by the screaming crowd of partygoers.

“Mina!” I bellowed out to her just as the men grabbed her and turned to leave.

Lilith was up on the bar and running toward the people, but had to dodge behind the counter as bullets blasted past her body, breaking the glass bottles lining up the wall behind her.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Echo was in animal form, an eagle so she could get above the crowd, but these men were ready for the Hero Society. She had to retreat or get her wings tore up from a spray of bullets.

Glass shattered.  People screamed. Chaos ensued.

In the madness, they’d distracted us with the crowd and bullets, then took off with Mina over one man’s shoulders. By the time I’d made it to the door, they were nowhere to be seen.

They’d gotten what they wanted and left the damage behind. Rose was trying to help stop the bleeding on one of the employees, and the manager was on the emergency line. Help was coming.

In Mina’s last dark web adventure in her spare time, she got sloppy. She left a tiny trail of who she was and the people were retaliating for her bringing down their sex trade operation.

They planned on taking her to an apartment in the bad part of town, beating her up a bit, then using her in ways I tried not to think about. Those futures would not come to pass, I wouldn’t let them. I’d die before that happened.

“I’m getting Mina,” I barked at Lilith as she came up to me with a million questions dancing in her worried eyes. She nodded and started walking with me. Lilith was a skilled killer, despite the beauty of a sexual deviant. I would need her along with my power to get my girl.

As we drove closer to the remnants of Malware town, the last bit of scum in the city, I gritted my teeth to keep from feeling regret. Slivers of doubt enter my mind, my hands clench the steering wheel harder to keep from giving into them completely.

I could have stopped her from getting taken. I could have done something to get her out of there, protect her. But every other path led to a disastrous future. This was one of the hardest parts of having the gift of foresight, doing what led to the right path was hard. You had to be willing to make the tough choices. I didn’t like it. I hated it in fact.

Letting Mina get taken was a tough fucking choice. But I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

We parked around the block and strapped up with weapons, ready to take down those in our way. Disarm first, kill only as a complete last resort. I didn’t want people to die, even the bad ones. I called in for backup with the Seahill police. According to my visions, they would arrive two minutes after we got Mina out of there to arrest the men inside.

As long as everything went according to plan.

The building was quiet except for one dimmed light glaring through a cracked window on the second story.

“There’s only six men inside. Three on the first story that are going to be put down easy. Remember knock them out. Don’t kill unless it’s the only choice. Police will be here in five, so we gotta get Mina and get out. The three on the second floor are going to either use her as a shield so they can escape, or shoot us as soon as we walk in. Need to be creative. Either way we get my girl safely. You want the easy way or the fun way.”

I figured it would be polite to ask Lilith which she’d prefer. In the end, none of it mattered to me. Mina would be fine and with us shortly.

Lilith’s face held none of her usual smiles and scary laughs, her sensual features had turned serious.

“Let’s just get her.” Her words were low, the huntress was here, and ready to get her friend back.

“Okay.” I paused for thirty seconds, then nodded my head to go.

We were just about to pull open the door when they pushed open harshly, and Mina’s small body collided with mine.

“What the fuck!” I cursed.

“Nice work.” Lilith looked through the open door to see men on the ground unconscious.

This future. Goddammit!

“Mina, why couldn’t you have waited inside for us to rescue you?” I demanded, irritation bursting through me.  Without thinking, I hoisted her over my shoulder and ran back to my SUV. My reaction wasn’t necessary. I shouldn’t care as long as she was safe. But this future had a six-point two percent of happening. Literally the lowest out of all of them, and this path led the others somewhere else. The one course that I’d chosen to get her was blown to bits! This was only going to cause more problems, and I still might not get her in the end. It was back to being forty percent get her and sixty percent not.

I dumped her in the back seat and told Lilith to look her over as I jumped in the driver side and sped us away from the scene where police sirens could be heard coming.

“I’m alright, really.” Mina sounded annoyed at Lilith’s check-up.

“You were shot! That’s not okay. Mina? Mina!” Lilith’s voice cracked with panic.

I looked back to see my love slumped over on Lilith’s lap, blood dripping down the seat onto the car floor.

My heart clenched in my chest and my throat felt dry. Shaky hands, and pure desperation drove us to the hospital.


Chapter Six



First thing I noticed when I started to come around was the pain in my shoulder. It was expected having been shot, but for some reason I didn’t think it would hurt this much. It ached and throbbed, and felt like I’d been shot. Guess that made sense.

The second thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was that I wasn’t in a hospital, or home, or Headquarters.

I was in large bed, in some modernly decorated room with a large glass wall to my right. The rain outside coated the window, leaving little rivers of water to cascade down like a gentle waterfall.

Nothing else about this room led me to know where I was. No pictures, no personal touches. Just a bed, a side table, and a chair in the left corner by a closet with a person sitting in it.


Jesus, I was going to have a heart attack.

“You can’t just sit there in the dark and creep on me while I sleep,” I complain.

He should have been in the bed, holding me.

My mouth zipped up quickly after having that thought, scared that the words would slip between my lips. He still sat there looking at me then focusing on out the window, saying nothing.

“Where are we?” It wasn’t his apartment, but this had the feel of him in it. Phillip liked clean. Clean energy, clean building materials. He was always trying to help the environment, and this room looked to be made out of all recyclable substances.

“My office suit.” His voice was hoarse, like he hadn’t spoken in days and the sudden use hurt him.

“Why am I here and not in a hospital?”

“We took you there, and they patched you up. Gave you some blood, kept you overnight, but then released you to me this morning. I brought you here because I have to work and I wanted you near me so I can be there for you.”

“Everything has been taken care of. A.J. has been coming around constantly. He said he’d be in to have lunch with you in about three hours. Which is perfect because we have some things to discuss.” His strong body rose from the chair and strolled over to the bed casually. His face however was not casual. It was a mixture of anger, and something else I wasn’t sure of.

“Why did you put yourself at risk like that to escape? We were coming to get you. You had to have known I would get you. You would have passed out in the street and died if we hadn’t been there. What they hell were you thinking?”

This version of Phillip was not one I’d seen before. I’d seen him desperate, sad, angry, elated, and lonely.

This was something else entirely. Helplessness. The King of Seahill—the man who saw all futures felt helpless. My features softened and I wanted to reach out and touch my fingers to his cheek. To let him feel that I was alive, that I was safe.

“I knew you’d come for me.”

He would always come for me.

Something inside my chest was melting, maybe it was the resolve to fight him, maybe it was my plain old beating heart and I was about to die. Either way, something in me was changing with the realization that he would always be there for me. No matter how hard I pushed him away, no matter what crazy things I did, like get kidnapped, he’d be there.

My mouth opened to say something, but then a female voice came through an intercom speaker on the nightstand letting him know that his chief robotics engineer was ready for their meeting.

“You need to rest. Remote for the TV is in the drawer, bathroom with shower is over there.” He pointed toward the door by the chair he had been sitting in. “Your clothes are in the closet. Pick whatever you’d like. Doctor Dorian said you would be fine to move, but to take it easy. Bathroom and bed is all your agenda for the day will allow.” He gave me a look that dared me to challenge him on this. I simply snuggled into the comforter more, giving him a wink that I’d be a good girl for now. Once he was out of the room, things might change. I mean you really shouldn’t leave me alone with new things to play with for too long. I was known to cause a little havoc here and there.

A small smile graced his perfect lips and I felt my muscles relax seeing that he was going to be okay. That the helplessness in him was eased.

He leaned over slowly, his eyes on mine watching for any signs of objection, before pressing his warm, and soft lips against my forehead.

Hell, you might as well call me the Grinch now because I swear that kiss to my skin made my heart grow three sizes.

He left without another glance, closing the door softly behind him.

My eyes darted around the room, looking at all the new things and places I could snoop. First things first, I needed to pee and take a shower. Someone had cleaned me up, but I felt dirty. Those men who had taken me let their hands roam outside my clothes a little too much for my taste. Which in the end earned them kicks to the dicks with my boots and broken noses.

Whatever adrenaline that had been inside my system when I had been taken was gone. Now I felt every ache, and pain from my capture and escape. Those men were willing to hurt me, but despite knowing they could. I didn’t ever truly feel an ounce of fear. Phillip would come for me. I managed to see my escape and take it even without him, but I just felt it deep inside that he’d be there.

I was sore as I gingerly walked into the bathroom and got to work on transforming from  an almost-died-victim to a normal Mina.

The shower burned at the wound where the bullet got me. I cleaned it gently as the instructions that had been printed out and taped the mirror above the sink said for me to do. After a few loud curses of pain and scrubbing the rest of my body squeaky clean, I was out of the shower to dry and get dressed.

“Let’s see what lover boy has for me in here.” I was giddy with excitement. What was in the closet? Was it a T-Rex costume? Jeans? Pajamas? Was it his clothes that he expected me to wear? Another woman’s?

That last thought had my fingers gripping the handles and pushing the French doors back to show a decent-sized walk-in closet. One side held many suits and attire that I’d seen Phillip in before. But the other side?

Be still my beating Grinch heart.



Chapter Seven



Although it was nice relaxing and watching TV, then having lunch with my brother, I was bored as hell just sitting here.

I needed to do something. Get my hands on a computer, a tablet, hell I’d even take an old Gameboy at this moment. Leaning in against the door, I listened for voices on the other side, hoping I was in the clear to come out and not interrupt anything.

As silently as possible, I opened the door and peeked around. All clear. His office looked the same as when I was here last time. The suit I had been in must be for those long days or nights where he didn’t feel like leaving the office.

Hoping that he’d planned ahead knowing I’d be here, I went over to his desk to open up his candy drawer that he apparently kept for me.

There was one chocolate bar.

“Jerk.” He could have a least left me two out of sympathy for getting shot and all.

“I can have Miranda, my secretary, get you another candy bar if you’d like.” Phillip walked in through his office door with a smirk on his face, enjoying that I’d ventured out into his office for candy and adventure.

“Maybe you should, or better yet, maybe I’ll just be King of Seahill and make you my errand boy. Fetch me some candy, peasant,” I teased while plopping in his chair of power, then wiggling my butt in it to get comfy. He came over and sat on the side of the desk, much like he had before in nothing but a towel. With water dripping down his toned abdomen. Nipples ready to be licked, and a cock to suck.

And now I was horny.

“Do you need any assistance ma’am? Shall I run your errands like a good boy?”

I knew he was teasing me, but when my gaze landed on his, I didn’t have it in me to keep up the jest. This morning’s emotions were still swirling around in me, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do about them as far as long-term goals. But right now, I just wanted to feel him.

“Thank you for being there,” I said softly.  “For always being there.” I hoped he could feel all my emotions through those words.

By the way his smile fell, and those hazel eyes darkened, I think he understood perfectly.

“I need to kiss you.” His voice was part plea with a tinge of demand. Like he was telling me what he was going to do, but also making sure I knew I could say no. Spoiler alert, I wasn’t going to say no. He knew it too. His body leaned over, those strong fingers of his reaching my chin, tilting it up to meet my lips with his.

Kissing Phillip Griffin was like having a shot of pure happiness straight into my bloodstream. That feeling you get when you cuddle puppies mixed with watching Magic Mike dance over those women. I was giddy and super-hot in one tiny Mina body.

Our tongues mingled and that was it. Holy hell as soon as the King of Seahill’s mouth opened for mine, I was diving in. My one hand reached up to touch his chest, feeling those chiseled muscles under my fingers.

“My queen,” he groaned and I lost it.

My hand went straight for the hem of his shirt, needing to feel his skin against mine. Our kiss heated, months’ worth of desperation for one another being fulfilled in a mixture of tongue and teeth.

“I don’t even know what I need, but I need something,” I whimpered against his lips while running my hands up and down his abs, scooching the roller chair closer to him.  “I want it all. I need like two of you.”

I pulled back so I could lift his shirt and get my fill of his topless form. He was absolutely stunning and had been upping his workout game apparently. Those muscles that were toned last month were more chiseled now and my mouth practically watered at the sight.

“Shit.” He cursed, his head whipping toward the door, then scrambled under the desk.

It was like having whiplash, one minute we were hot and heavy, and the next he was hiding under the desk. Between my legs. His hands roaming up flannel covered thighs.

“Mrs. Griffin, Phillip had asked if I could come in and get your order for dinner tonight.”

Said Phillip was now working at the buttons that held the bum flap up on the onesie I was wearing. Oh my. What was he doing?

I heard her call me Mrs. Griffin, which obviously was a joke or something because we were not married. But with Phillip working on my onesie I couldn’t think to care at the moment.

“Um, I’ll just take some pizza,” I utter, my words breathy. “Thanks.”

His fingers peeled the material down, exposing the panties over my ass. I didn’t know where he was going with this, but I subtly moved my bottom so he could unstick the flap from under me. I was bare in front of him besides my black cotton panties.

He wouldn’t.

My eyes widened at Miranda when understanding pressed a hot kiss to my pussy, fingers pulling my panties aside and a tongue flicked my clit.

“Mr. Phillip said no pizza tonight. Do you like sushi? Chinese food? There’s a wonderful American restaurant down the street we can order from.” She looked down at her tablet just as my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Oh God, Phillip was going to make me come with his tongue while I ordered food from his secretary.


“No Chinese.” I tried to reign in the moan that threatened to bubble up.

Flick, lick, suck.

My hands gripped the arms of the chair so hard I was sure he would have nail marks permanently engraved in them.

“Okay, no Chinese. Did any of the others sound good to you?” She smiled at me sweetly and I wanted to answer her, but honestly, I could barely speak without screaming Phillip’s name.

“I want a number ten from La Plaza, extra sour cream, and guac. Thank you!” I blurted out.

“Very well, Mrs. Griffin. It’s so good to see you here.” She touched her tablet a few times, typing something, as Phillip pushed a finger inside me while his tongue continued to punish my poor clit for being so naughty.

A whimper that couldn’t be contained came out, but I quickly turned it into words thanking her.

She smiled once more before walking on her heels toward the door. That finger inside me was joined by another and I felt my release coming toward me at rapid speed.

Just a few more seconds. I eyed the door closing, trying to hold out for that final click of its connection with the jam.

Three, two, one.


“Oh God, Phillip.” I exploded. My hands weaved through his blonde hair, gripping him tighter as he sucked on my throbbing clit while the waves of the orgasm swept me under.

“So, fucking good.” He cursed against my sensitive flesh, making me tremble with shivers.

I couldn’t roll back to let him out even if I wanted to. My extremities were like noodles. There was no moving for me. He’d just have to roll me in this chair from his office back to the bed because I felt like I’d been hit by the orgasm train.

Now I knew what the bum flap was really for on onesies. Turns out, it had nothing to do with needing to use the restroom easier. It was for Phillip’s tongue to have easy access to me.

“I’ve missed this pussy.” He paused then joked. “Mrs. Griffin.”

Even though I liked the sound of that, hearing it without his tongue distracting me made those toasty warm and relaxed muscles tense.


Chapter Eight




I’d fucked up, and I could see the futures shifting. I had her. Not only her taste on my tongue, but the futures where she and I would be together was solidifying into the highest percent something had flipped in her that had a medium percent of happening. I honestly thought the game was over when she escaped out of that building. I had all but thrown in the white flag of surrender.

She looked at me softly, without suspicion in her eyes, and thanked me for being there. I would always be there for her. She’s my queen.

And while she may have missed my secretary calling her Mrs. Griffin, which I knew she thought she was helping me by calling her that, Mina did not like that I called her Mrs. Griffin. Even though I was joking. Instantly hearing those words from my lips broke whatever inches I had gained on her heart.

“Mina. It was just a joke.” I tried to backpedal, but there was no use. The wild look in her eyes was stuck, and already she was trying to move her body away from me.

What do I do? Shit! I searched the future for the one that would help me the most. But I was scared by the way she was trying to get away from me that I’d scared her off for good. Dammit!

The air felt thinner and my chest began to hurt. It felt like I was dying. I would die if I couldn’t have her. She was my world.

So far, every future that had the highest percentage of success were wrong. What if I tried aiming for the lowest percent?

It was the Hail Mary of futures, but I was shakenly desperate. This was a gamble that would either slide me into the winner’s circle of her heart, or I would be banned for life.

I had to take the chance.

My fingers gripped the chair and rolled her pussy back to my lips. She tried to protest, her hands against the desk trying fight my pull of her incoming body.


Too late. As soon as I latched onto her clit and licked her like my life depended on it, her pleas of no became whimpers of yes.

With every flick of my tongue, I sent a silent prayer to her.

Please be mine.


I swear I’ll give you the world.


We are meant for each other.




Please, Mina.

My fingers joined my tongue inside her soaking wet core.

Her body started wiggling, trying to run away from the orgasm that was building. But no, I wasn’t letting her run from her release, from me.

“Phillip, I want you inside me.” Her moan shocked me.

She wanted.

Fingers were out of her pussy in seconds and her chair was pushed back so I could run my hands up her body, over her breasts, before she pulled my mouth to hers. There were no fucks given that she was sucking the remnants of her sweet heat off my tongue right now. All she wanted was me, and I couldn’t care less if the world burned around us right now because I was going to have her.

My hands went to her onesie zipper, as her hands fumbled with my jeans.

I’ve missed this so much. It’s months. Being with her. Her eager and confident hands as she palmed my cock. Mina was wild and unpredictable in all facets of her life, fucking included.

The need to suck on her breast tore me from her lips, but she didn’t seem to mind as I sucked and nipped her tight peaks, lavishing her the way she deserved to be.

“How do you want my cock, Mina?” It was lady’s choice. She was going to get it, but I’d leave the how up to her. The queen was always the most powerful player on the board.

“You want me to crush these tits against my desk and feed you every inch of my cock from behind?”

Memories of times when I’d had her ass before me, her hands pulled behind her back like reigns in my fingers.

“I wanna see your face.” She whispered as she shook her head and moved over to my desk, sitting on top while pulling me between her legs.

My home.

She was upright, her hands against my chest, as I poised my cock at her entrance. This was happening. It wasn’t a memory or a future I was focusing on, this was right now. The only time in the world that truly mattered, the present.

She growled as I teased her slickness, then slowly, we watched as my dick disappeared inside her core.

I was home, forever, and always.

“Most your ass or I swear I will flood your computer systems with porn ads.” She pinched my nipple in retaliation for me simply looking at our joined bodies, enjoying the moment finally.

Not that I needed encouragement to fuck my woman, I let her believe that her threat was what spurred me to make her scream loud enough that everybody in my tower knew that someone was seeing the heavens via cock.

Over and over, I gave myself to her. Making up for the lost months of waiting for her to be with me again. Our lips were open and we wide fought the struggle to breathe and kiss in the same instant. Then, her body gave up and she laid back against my desk, while I tossed her legs over my shoulders. My hands gripped her hips and I relentlessly pounded into her slick heat.

Her hands moved over her breasts, plucking, and pinching her nipples. She cried out her release, just as I let myself follow after her.

Her body and mind were completely languid. I lifted her up against my body, still connected to mine, and poured my love through our kiss.

Chapter Nine



I watched the many screens of Headquarters, looking for any troubles in the city. A.J. and I worked as a team for this position. We were command central. The eyes and ears of the city and the Hero Society. We helped with all things technology and kept the whole operation running smoothly.

Today at work was just like any other so far, besides the one little, minute detail of how I couldn’t stop thinking about Phillip and I having sex.

It didn’t end there on his desk. Nope, he carried us into his office bedroom where he continued to punish me via orgasms for denying him for so long. Can’t say the punishment wasn’t worth it. Had I known what a man like Phillip would have been like in the sack, I’d have leaped onto his penis earlier.

It wasn’t just the physical stuff that was taking up space in my mind though.

It was the emotional. Phillip loved me immensely, and he showed me with every gaze of those hazel eyes, and every touch he deliberately made. There was no denying now why Phillip wanted to be with me. It wasn’t that he was just doing it because it was destiny, or he thought he did.

Nope. Phillip thought me his queen—the leader in his world.

After our many couplings together in the sheets, I was exhausted, and truthfully my shoulder was killing me. So, I stayed in his bed for the rest of the day. He joined me when he could to watch TV and hold me. But this morning was it for me after we’d slept the night away together. I had to get some space and he gave me a kiss on the forehead before saying he was taking me out for dinner today.

I didn’t feel nervous about seeing him again as lovers.

I didn’t feel nervous about being with him anymore.

He’d proven himself thoroughly, and I was being an idiot trying to fight it. Enough was enough. I was throwing in the white panties and going to give this a go. I always had a crush on him, and wanted to be the Queen of Seahill. Might as well accept the role ahead of me with grace.

The third screen to my left switched to another scene, which instantly caught my eye.

But by the time I could hit the button to call for help, it was too late. I felt a prick to the neck and suddenly my vision started to blur, then turn dark.

Daydreaming about being with Phillip, the man I had foolishly thought I wouldn’t fall in love with, made me miss all the important puzzle pieces that could lead to my demise.

Love made me sloppy, and in the world of heroes and danger, sloppy was how it all ended.

I woke up from my tranquilizer induced sleep, to find myself lying in a bed in a dark small room. My head hurt, and every time I tried to open my eyes, the pillow before me started swirling. Really not a good support for you head if you ask me. Pillows should not move.

Groaning as I lift myself up into a sitting position, I try to help my body work its way out of the drugs in my system by wiggling my toes and fingers.

“I should have known,” I grumbled. My body, not ready to sit up, collapses back against the hard bed.

“You probably should have,” a male’s voice said from the darkness inside the room, but I had no idea where. He could be on the ceiling for all I could guess right now. I could barely even pay attention to which way was up.

“You were messing with fire, Mina. It’s only acceptable you get burned in the process.”

His familiar accent only made me groan, knowing how stupid I’d been. I knew better, but I’d been so distracted by Phillip.

“Someone with a lot of money bailed you and your brother out,” I gritted out.  “That was him that took me from the club. Plan B, right? You were plan A? Dance with me and think I’d leave with you? That you could just whisk me away to your villain penthouse?” My stomach churned and that headache pounded from talking so much. My shoulder was also killing me.

He didn’t respond, only clucked his tongue in disapproval.

“Got any pain relievers by chance?” I mentally crossed my fingers hoping that Ethan the attractive dancer and evil doer would take pity on me and hand over the drugs.

His scoff echoed off the walls of the concrete room. Okay, so I’m taking that as a no on the pain relief then.

“So, what’s the plan?” I demanded. “Threaten to sell me on the market? Rape? Beat me up a little? Make me wear pastel colors?” I shivered thinking of the last question. Unless I was wearing a unicorn onesie, pastels were never my color.

“Blackmail,” he replied simply, “and while we wait. You are going to take all the money from your boyfriend’s empire and transfer it to a specified account. Untraceable, of course. Your skills are untouchable.”

He had me there with the untouchable. I was the best. A.J. was the second best, but that was only because I had a few more years of experience on him. He’d be there soon enough.

“Any chance we can do a raincheck? I’m not feeling very up to playing on computers right now. Side effect of the tranquilizer and all.” I was probably going to get in trouble being a smart ass, but I’ve been this way all my life, not gonna stop now in the face of possible death.

“We’ve got nothing but time. With you gone, the heroes won’t be able to find you. We’ve got people watching them.” A door opened and closed shortly after those words were spoken.

“I have to pee!” I yelled at the door and looked around trying to see if there was a potty, or a bottle, or something.

“Fine, I’ll just pee on the floor! Hope you like the smell of the asparagus I ate this morning!” I was lying through my teeth, but honestly maybe my Facebook quiz “What would your kidnappers say about you?” answer would be my salvation. It said they wanted to give me back because I annoyed them to death. Fingers crossed they didn’t shoot me instead.

Five minutes later, someone with a mask over their head opened the door and grunted for me to follow him to the bathroom. Well well, bad guys. I have you taking me to the bathroom. Looks like I am already wrapping them around my finger.

Hopefully I could stall long enough for my family to come and save me. This wasn’t a place I could fight my way out of. There were too many people for little old me.

I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes, feeling safe no one was going to hurt me because they needed me.

They thought the Hero Society had one computer genius and I was it. A.J. would find me and I’m pretty sure Lilith would have whatever spies watching them on their asses by now. Couldn’t out spy the best damn spy there ever was.

Plus, from the noise I heard reverberating through the drop-down ceiling above, they think Phillip is just my rich boyfriend. He’d made sure to keep his purpose in the Hero Society and powers a secret, knowing the futures would be a hot commodity for the bad guys.

There was no way to say for sure how much time I had before they would try to force me to syphon Phillip’s money, or when the heroes would be here. So, for now, I closed my eyes and let myself rest, gaining back my strength before I had to fight for my life.

Chapter Ten



Draco and Asher had taken out the two men who were watching me from their cars. Echo and Rose had immobilized the three men that were stationed in the office building across from Headquarters. The group that had taken Mina had men watching us to alert them if we were coming to rescue her.

My fingers rubbed my chest to help alleviate the ache that had settled there since she’d been taken. If I was being honest, though, it was there way before that. As soon as we christened my desk, our future had been set. I saw this was going to happen, and there was a chance things could go bad, but I was too selfish to not have her as mine.

“Cut it out,” I whispered to myself. There was no time to feel like shit for possibly making the wrong choice. Now was the time to focus on the mission at hand.

I couldn’t be desperate, couldn’t be angry, nor sad. Those emotions could ruin every chance we had at getting Mina back.

“Rooftop is all clear.” Rose’s voice came through the communicator watch I had, signaling all the men were covered. A.J. had tapped into their surveillance line so whoever was watching from the other end would see if going about life, and silence on all the entrances of Headquarters.

“Everyone ready to head out?” I asked and got a yes from everyone except A.J. He’d been ready to strap up a gun and go save his sister, but that would not only end badly for him, but for Mina. He was the most useful to us here.

“Just save her.” His reply came through gritted teeth. Soon. A.J. was still young, but soon he would trade in his games for training and it would change his life. His spirit was like that of his sister, strong and wild. He’d be with us on missions in a few years.

A black SUV pulled up to the spot of concrete sidewalk I was standing on and I hopped in without reservations. One the outside, I looked like Phillip Griffin, businessman who’d gotten off work and rolled up his sleeves. But beneath that look was Phillip Griffin, Superhero who was packing knowledge of the future and some choice weapons for maximum kick ass.

None of the futures shown them hurting Mina before we got there. They wanted her to take all my money and put it into theirs. A.J. made a sort of firewall game she’d have to play to make it look like she was doing what they asked, but in truth, it was all fun, and a way for her and A.J. to talk to each other. He’d update me if there was any info she said we’d need. So far, nothing. Hopefully that meant she chose the sleeping until it was time future instead of the pissing them off one.

“It’s going to be okay.” Rose touched my shoulder. She wasn’t trying to use her powers as an empath to calm me or rile me up. She was simply comforting her brother.

“I know.” I smirked, ever the confident all-knowing Phillip I always was. There were few people who had seen and truly understood the deeper levels of my personality. Draco did, because, well he knew everything. Rose, because she the closest person to me being my sister, and Esme. Setting Esme onto the path to die on a gamble was the hardest thing I’d ever done. It put into motion events that still made me wake up from nightmares screaming, but it was worth it in the end. Just like Mina.

They thought they could take my queen from me, but they were wrong.

They were housing her in a large mansion outside of Seahill in the woods, very secluded, and with a wall surrounding the compound.

“I can go in there and take them all out, just let me pick my song.” Lilith was reaching for her music player. It was quite enjoyable to watch her killer dance, literally. Lilith worked best with music pounding in her ear.

“Not a chance, I want a piece too,” Echo growled, thinking of which animals she was going to turn into with teeth.

“We’re all going in,” I instruct.  “She’s our family. But Ethan is mine.”

The head villain in our story, that I’d failed to notice had been the guy dancing with Mina at the club when she was taken. Her coming over to me had initiated their plan B. Plan A was her leaving with him and then they take her.

Him, I wanted for myself. Been a while since I’d gotten my hands dirty and this was going to be fun.

“Just try not to kill him.” Rose’s voice rose above everyone who was talking over a plan to use our special strengths. Draco looked at me through the rearview mirror, his knowing eyes conveyed how I felt.

In this world of heroes and villains, there were those who were inherently good, bad, and those who are good, but can do bad when needed.

Rose was inherently good. Her killing someone would torture her soul. Draco was both. He did what was needed and was able to handle the pain that comes with killing.

It was good to have both on our side. A balance had to be kept.

I was both. I was a good person, who strived for the good of the world, but I could do bad for the ones I loved. I have killed and have let people die for the greater good. It hurt, and even though the people I let die came back to life, I still felt the pain of their deaths every day.

When you threaten what’s mine, there’s no going back for you.

The closer we got, the more our plan solidified. Echo was going to get inside in the form of come creature through a window to be our eyes and ears. Leon with his speed and Lilith using her spy skills would take out the gate guards at the front and the two turrets.

Esme stayed behind at Headquarters with A.J. Dorian, our villain turned semi- hero, was performing a spinal surgery at the hospital. So while he would have been perfect to use his power to transport himself a flash of light to go in to grab her and get out, we could handle this without him.

Draco and I were going to the escape tunnel below and would head up to meet everyone inside. There was one future where Ethan grabbed Mina to escape those tunnels, and I wanted to be the one there to intercept them. All the other futures were inside that mansion. One on one, with Mina safe.

We pulled off the main road onto a power line service trail, so no alarms would be tripped. The Italians were not wanting to be found and had taken many steps to stop intruders.

About a quarter acre to our right, through the trees and we’ll reach the wall.

“I need a song, guys!” Lilith was struggling with her song choice, which to her, was crucial for this mission.

A sinister smile grew on my lips as I gripped the handle to open the door. The heroes were about to make a stand for one of their own.

“’The Greatest Show’ by Hugh Jackman.”

This was going to be one hell of a show. Might as well have an epic song to go along with it.

Her smile matched mine as she scrolled and placed wireless buds in her ears.

“Perfect.” She stashed her player, and then we exited the SUV.

Chapter Eleven



I’d been awake for two hours now and been playing a code version of tic tac toe with A.J. for the past hour.

The heroes were coming to save me and all I had to do was wait and not get killed in the process.

“Almost done?” Ethan was sitting comfortably on a chair six feet behind me with his glass of Amaretto. If he only knew shit was about to hit the fan for his whole operation. I mentally shrugged, not my villainous plot, not my problem.

“Close,” I replied.  “As his lady, I made sure no one could crack his system, including myself.” Partly true. I did up his whole system, but I had access easily. I was quite a little liar if needed though, and now was a needed moment.

He let out a grunt of approval.

“After you get what you want, what are you going to do with me?” Curious, not that he would have me much longer, nor the money. But him talking about his plans would keep his mind off the time.

“You are worth much more alive than dead to me,” he revealed with an evil chuckle. “I’m going to keep you. Depending on how amicable you are determines how your life will go from there.” He winked and I mentally envisioned shoving that decanter of liquid on the table next to him up his ass. Amicable. I scoffed as my answer. He meant if I laid down, spread ‘em like a good girl, and did everything he said, I would be his mistress of luxury. Pass. I didn’t need money, nor luxury. Just a computer, junk food, and my closet full of onesies.

“I bet you couldn’t even operate the onesie properly,” I uttered snootily. At least not like Phillip worked it. Ethan was a onesie noob.

“Children’s pajamas,” he said with a huff. “I don’t think anyone would find that attractive. Even your boyfriend.”

Oh boy was he wrong. Those precious memories of what exactly the bum flap’s true purpose was had my nips tightening and my teeth biting into my lower lip to stop from groaning.

Alarms started blaring from a speaker in the corner of this lavish sitting room. Ethan wasn’t looking so comfortable now. I went back to playing games while he started shouting in Italian for answers. I turned on google translator so I could understand what he was saying while I beat A.J.’s ass.

Let’s just say Ethan did not find it as funny as I did.

“Turn that shit off and wire me the money. You have exactly two minutes. Then, you and I are out of here and they will never find you.” He spat at me while pushing my head harshly forward toward the screen instead of his frantic form.

He went and pissed me off now. I was going to wait out my rescue nicely, but now I was on my own particular mission to fuck him up further. I managed to donate all the money in one of his Switzerland accounts before the power cut off, saving two of his other offshore accounts which would remain valid. For now. I’d take care of them as soon as I got home. He will go to prison and I’d make sure no one had enough to help him in any way. Not even buy him a pack of cigs in the joint. Fuck this asshole.

“Time’s up.” His fingers gripped my arm and dragged me out of the chair quickly. My legs had no time to stand before he started walking and I fell to the ground loudly.

“Get the fuck up.” His grip tightened, willing to completely drag me away if he needed to. Ugh I can’t believe I found this man attractive before. Must have been that low blood sugar issues I had. Clouding my judgement all the time.

I’d make my move here in a minute—my try at escape as soon as the two men around us weren’t so close and focused on us.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw a wolf leap onto a table and growl. Echo. One of the men started shooting in her directing and she turned into a hawk in seconds, those claws aimed at the man’s eyes.

“Bet he never saw that coming.” I snickered at the sound of screaming from the man getting his eyeballs removed via hawk.

It was probably not a smart move, but I was feeling bitchy.

Totally not blood sugar’s doing either. This was all me.

The man with the gun next to me lifted his weapon to hit me with the butt end, but then was distracted by a sexy dancer beating her way up the stairs to us. Lilith. My hottie spy was jamming out to some epic song. Men were falling left and right as she waved what looked to be an umbrella in her hand like a composer or ring leader. She was definitely putting on one hell of a show, so much that the man was distracted and fell to a blur passing us by. Leon.

“Fuck,” Ethan growled and pulled us down a hallway toward an ominous door.

I put on the brakes. “I’m not going through that door.” Nope. Now was my time to fight, so I did.

My other hand clenched up to throw a punch, connecting with the hard skin of his jaw. Murderous blue eyes turned on me. Better anger than a creepy door that would complete our escape.

I thrashed and put up the struggle of my life. Ethan’s other hand reached around my windmill of fists to wrap around my waist and then he lifted me to his shoulder. I bit him, I gripped his pants to give him a wedgie, I kneed him in the stomach, but he was not going down. His hands gripped the handle and I started to scream.

The sound of the door opening echoed in my head. I knew this was it. I’d never see my family again. I’d never see Phillip again. This was the escape tunnel door, I knew it. I’d looked up the blueprints as soon as I got a on the web earlier. It had to be.

“Checkmate.”  That voice. That deep, authoritative, familiar voice.

Tears sprang forth to my eyes and I felt all those struggling body parts melt.

He’d come for me. He was here.

Something connected with Ethan’s face, my ass felt the wind moving with whatever hit him, momentum making his body fall backwards. My face was now aiming straight for the floor. Until it wasn’t. My small body was being cradled in the arms of a strong, muscled body. My eyes glanced up to see Leon’s normally broody lips tilted up in a shining smile.

“Great catch, Star.” Lilith waltzed up beside him and leaned up to kiss his cheek before giving me a grin too. My friends, my family.

“Here you go.” Leon’s arms stretched out and he deposited me in another embrace. Not as muscled, but the feeling of being home overwhelmed me.

My teary eyes connected with Phillip’s and saw his matched mine in the waterworks department. There was so much we needed to say, so many words that were on the tip of my tongue ready to release.

“You’re all dead. I’ll make sure of it,” Ethan spat at them while on the floor.

“Shut up, Ethan,” I barked at him loud enough to rattle the walls. “You’re ruining our moment. Stay in time out.” He was ruining my sweet reunion with my love.  “Sorry about that,” I murmur, my eyes once again locking with Phillip’s. “Villains.” I shook my head, there was no excuse for his bad behavior other than what he was.

“So rude.” Phillip laughed, enjoying my banter like a sweet chocolate kiss.

Speaking of kisses, my chin tilted up and his eyes danced with love as he leaned down to kiss me like he missed me.

Draco and the crew around us went about moving Ethan from his punishment corner of the hallway to the proper authorities that could be heard yelling in the grand foyer of the mansion.

Phillip didn’t let me down as our kiss ended and he walked us toward the commotion below.

It was over.

“Guess this is the end.”

“It’s not the end. We’ve only reached the climax.” He smirked and let’s just say my mouth wasn’t the only part of me that got wetter.

“That’s not the only climax gonna be reached tonight.” I purred.

Boom, that’s what she said!

“I love you.” He shook his head and I snuggled into his chest further.

“I love you too.” It was the first time I’d said it this time around, and there was no hesitation on my side. I did love him. I’d loved him all along. I just needed more than knowing, I needed to feel it deep in my bones. Now I did.

“My king,” I sang to him joyfully.

“My queen,” he stated, and that was that.

Our time to rule Seahill as the unofficial King and Queen had come, the solstice of our existence.


One year later



Annabeth was snuggled against my chest, her cute little bunny onesie keeping her warm while I watched Phillip get his ass handed to him by Lilith in the training room below.

Working and being a mommy had been fairly easy for now. I’d set up a swing, and a small crib for her in the command room to keep her with me so I could keep an eye on the city and my baby. Everyone was elated to have a baby in Headquarters. She was going to start a baby boom with the other heroes. Phillip told me last week that our little Annabeth was a trendsetter. Of course she was. So cute with blonde hair and hazel eyes like her daddy. She was perfect in every way with a dash of that wild spirit that ran through my blood.

She’d be giving us hell soon enough, but at only two months old, her biggest demands were for food. No clue where she got that insuitable hunger from, I thought as I jammed the last bite of my cinnamon roll in my mouth.

As if sensing that there had been food around, she wiggled, thus kicking me against my c-section scar that was still tender sometimes, then let out a whimper. Soon that whimper would turn into a wail for milk, which I have out in no time. My little princess.

I closed my eyes for a moment, dreaming about how much had changed in the past year since Annabeth became a sparkle in Phillip and my eyes. We’d dated for a bit per my request not to jump into marriage right away, but the day I found out I was pregnant I went to tell Phillip just as he knelt down in his large apartment with the city skyline in perfect view from the window beside us to ask me to marry him.

He knew I was pregnant of course, but he’d been toting around that blessed black diamond for weeks. I’d found it in my snooping of our bedroom and was anxious for when he’d make his move.

Our wedding was amazing. Small as far as people, but that was as far as the word small went. We all flew to Disneyland and got married in the castle as a queen and king should, then had the whole park to ourselves. I’d never been and honestly the smile on A.J. and Lilith’s face was worth it more than anything. I could have run off to the courthouse to marry Phillip, but I did an extravagant occasion to spoil not just myself, but those I loved. A.J. had a shitty upbringing and lived as a runaway until Phillip saved him. Lilith had an even worse childhood and teen years.

Everyone in the Hero Society had suffered in some way, it was a time to have fun and believe in the magic.

I didn’t get to ride any of the rollercoasters, but I was happy no matter what. I ate to my heart’s content and watched as everyone laughed while having the time of their life.

When Annabeth was born, she had a bit of a struggle, not wanting to be evicted from her cozy home in my uterus, but alas she had to be cut from her temporary house. Stubborn as ever.

Phillip was the most amazing dad I knew he’d be. She was a spoiled rotten princess. Daddy’s girl for sure.

“How’re my girls doing?”

The man of my dreams walked in with a sweaty grin on his face. His eyes took in his sleeping baby against my chest, and the icing that I could feel was coating my lips from the cinnamon roll.

I looked like a hot mess but didn’t care. Hashtag mom life.

“We’re good. She’s probably going to want food soon,” I whispered, rubbing her back gently.

Phillip quietly tiptoed over and kissed her soft blonde waves gently, then lifted those lips to meet mine.

Then that horrible sound of thunder in sweet Annabeth’s diaper broke the romance of the kiss.

“This future. I gambled wrong.” Phillip cursed and tried to back out of the room in jest. Ha! It was his turn!

“Nope. Your turn. I took care of the stinky princess earlier.” I lifted her up carefully and placed her into his waiting arms. He cleaned her gladly, so happy with his life.

“My helpful king.” I cooed to him after he set her down in the swing she loved so much.

“My pain-in-the-ass queen.” He chuckled before wrapping those hands around my matching bunny onesie and pulled me in for a kiss.

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