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What happens when the mystery man in your dreams shows up at your work?

You faint, or at least I did.

Tristan Jacks is a man who knows what he wants, and he wants me. My gut tells me to stay away. It screams that being with him will change my life forever. Only my heart beats for him every time we’re near.

As my dreams continue weaving an epic love story set in ancient times, my brain starts questioning everything.

Unfortunately, as my brain, my gut, and my heart weigh the options. Reality and mythology clash together and leave me clamoring to answer the greatest question of my life.

What do you do when the god of the dead finds you in your next life and wants to continue where you left off?

* This book has been re-edited and recovered, it is not a completely new story.*

This is book one of the Of The Heart Trilogy.

Weighing of the Heart

Will ship out around March 27
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