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*All Design Details To Be Announced  October 15th*


Dusk has descended.

A time for heroes to face their fears.

Echo has lived the solitary life of a detective for too long, driven by her past to catch the criminals of Seahill and bring justice to those who’ve been wronged. Given her power to change into any creature she chooses, she’s pretty damn good at her job. But now her beloved city is in chaos. After escaping death at the hands of evil, she finds herself immersed in the world of magic and heroes.

That’s when he saved her.

Asher is an unexpected wrench in her life. He’s annoyingly charming, and despite never wanting to see him again, she needs his help. Alongside the Hero Society, they must find a familiar killer, unmask the true villain that’s been behind everything from the beginning, and try to survive the fear rising in the world.

Mankind wasn’t ready for them.

Will they continue to fight the shadows or succumb to the darkness?

Dusk Special Edition (November)

Books ship out around release day November 5th
  • This is a Special Edition of the book Dusk. The printed copy includes colorful covers  with 3d sivler foiled cover art drawn by the author with sprayed edges.  All books will be signed by the author and personalized if requested.

    More detaisl to come when cover is reveals. 

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