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What happens when the god of the dead finds you in your next life and wants to continue where you left off?

You give him your heart, or at least I did.

Then I was kidnapped and forced to remember everything about my past life even if it broke me. The Fates may have chosen me for another, the one who stole me, but my heart decided its own destiny. So, while I relive my time in Egypt as a warrior who fell in love with a god, the man who has waited over two thousand years to be with me is on the hunt.

Through trials and sacrifice, the greatest decision of my new life will emerge.

What do you do when staying together puts all of humanity in a battle between the Greek and Egyptian gods?


*This is not a completely new story. It has been re-edited and has a new cover*

Book 2 in the Of THe Heart Trilogy

Decisions of the Heart

Will ship out around March 27th.
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