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How do I see myself?


For a few months now, I've been helping other's shift their mindsets. It's given me so much more zest in my life and I decided to share some of my perspective shifts with you once a month.

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Now... How Do I See Myself?

This is a question I find makes a huge difference in moving without fear. Or at least is a tool to help push past fear.

Say you get an idea, you want to be a comedian!

You are funny, you make people laugh all the time! You'd love to stand on a stage with those lights in your face and just have at it. Make alllll the people laugh.

But then you think about telling those around you about your idea. Your family might not find you funny all the time, or they see you more as a serious person. The care taker. Or you want to tell your coworkers and well... they just don't see you as being someone who is introverted working in a small business being a person on stage.

We've all done this in some way. Let some other person's idea of the situation blow the wind from our sails.

But imagine this....

What if the only thing that mattered is how you saw yourself.

You see yourself as funny, well then darling you are comedian ready to take on that adventure. It doesn't matter how your person or family sees you. You see you!

And yes... I know as you read this you're thinking. Yeah... I'm bad at this.

Are you though? Or is that something others have told you that you're bad at?

The answer is complex but we're gonna make it easier.

Ask yourself the question and write down your answers.

(You don't have to do this in the comments, you can do it on paper at home)


I see creativity

I see beauty

I see optimism

I see growth

I see humor

I see empowerment

I see someone who fails and tries again

I see tenacity

I see a partner

I see confidence

I see usefulness

I see strength

I see kindness

I see determination

I see authenticity

The list can go on however long you feel it needs to.

So if someone doesn't see those things your list, their POV is not for you. If you see yourself in a negative light somewhere. EX. I see someone who fears

Then those are beautiful messes that we now know where we want to clean. And sometimes cleaning will be looking at where those visions came from. Maybe they came from a boss that had you doubting every choice you made. So you took that on. Once we can identify the source, we can kick that off our list. Nothing else matters except your list.

So make your list <3

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