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Closing one door, and opening fifty

That's the saying right? lol

2022! What a fucking year!

If you've followed me anywhere on social then you know this has been an insane year for me and my family. If you haven't heard all the news, then you're in luck! This will be a reflection sort of blog post!

It's hard to imagine the Jessica I was back in January. I had so many plans, and goals, and things I wanted. Nothing new, I'm always aiming to create a life more in alignment with myself. My highest and most loved self.

Then in the middle of January. (I know, I didn't even get a full month!) An idea came to me about us moving. See my dad went into the hospital in August 2021. The house he lived in is big and on a crap ton of land. We kids knew he wasn't going to be able to live out a normal life in that house again. It was just too much. So I presented an idea to my husband.

WHAT IF WE MOVED AND LIVED THERE?!! Mind you, we lived in Florida. The house in question is in NC. It's actually my old childhood home. I lived in it until I was 8.

In February, we decided to come up and assess the damage. My dad was a hoarder and tried to manage things but he didn't succeed very well. After inspections and really thinking it through, we decided we'd do it.

In TWO WEEKS! TWO FREAKING WEEKS! I packed our lives up in Florida and we moved to NC.

A week after moving, my dad passed away. Maybe he was waiting for the ok to go, or knew that things were gonna be ok, I don't know. He transitioned and I'm ok. I get off and on moments of sadness, but overall I'm good.

Once we got the moving truck unpacked, we hit the ground running and just started slowing down in August.

The renovations were nuts! Insane! We had a possum living in the house, contractors abandoning us, major fixes.

Never the less.... we did it. There's still a few things here and there to do but majority of it is done. (Can you hear my sigh)

It's been an adjustment, and I am a forever changing and evolving soul. I've had to figure out who this new Jessica is because let me tell you.... Alll of that changed me in so many ways. All good.

I've gotten to try new things when it comes to my career. I've gotten to really look at myself and who I want to be. This year was a year of massive change and if I've learned anything from it all it's this.

To go with the flow of ideas. pull on those little threads and go with it. Even if you're scared, do it!

For many new years, I'd write down things I wanted. Things I wanted to work on or obtain.

By following the thread, I got everything I ever wanted. Yeah, the circumstances, but I feel my dad would be over the moon happy with things. A last gift maybe? That's something to ponder later.

I couldn't have imagine my life right now. I wouldn't have even known the steps to take to achieve everything I have now. So by following the threads of ideas, I now sit in a reality that had been plucked from my dreams.

So in 2023, I'm gonna continue that trend. Staying in alignment with myself and seeing where I go.

But if you're interested, here are some of my plans in action that I will be putting focus into in 2023.

I will continue to grow my art, and comic( That I started in Sept) Here's some of my recent pieces.

I have been writing a super secret story under a pen name to help get back into the flow and fun of writing. Going back to that no pressure, no fucks given type of thing.

The story is a second chance on life story. Adult magical academy where magic spread into the world randomly, and now adults of all ages have magic and have to go to school. Think Hogwarts but for adults. It's hilarious, it's fun, and I feel like I can let loose with this story in a way I didn't feel I could under Jessica Florence.

The sky is the limit.

The story is called Newly Magical and my pen name is Tessa Onyx. lol I'm publishing the episodes on Vella and on Patreon (More on that in a second.)

After a few weeks of writing freely, and just focusing one episode at a time, I loveeddd it. So moving forward. I will be sharing all my WIPs on my Patreon. Yes, The Rise of Quartz including. I feel like I can write more and not feel so pressured to only focus on one thing behind the scenes or I will fail you all. Now you can read chapter by chapter as I write. Once it's all done, everything will happen as normal. The story will be edited and published for all. So you can absolutely wait like normal, or you can do it the other way. No pressure!

There are so many extra benefits on there, and things are listed out for clarity. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to message/email.

I'm excited to move forward, and see where all these new ideas and future ideas lead me! THank you for being with me on this journey. See you next year! ;)

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