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Winter is Coming!!

❆New Book News❆

Winter (Hero Society #5)

The world of Superheroes falling in love while saving the day is returning!!!

This book is part of the new spin off series, all of these books will be STANDALONES in the same world. You may see some familiar faces here and there but the stories will be about new couples.

❆You do not need to read the first four books to read this one.

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I am also doing something new this time around! With every Pre-Order Purchase, you can claim a prize. Either an Enamel Hero Society Pin, or a Character Print. More information about the gifts on my website. Link-

So now all that is out of the way! Here you go!!! The next book in the Hero Society Series, Winter.

Cover Reveal- Sept 30 Release Date- Nov 4th ❆❆❆❆❆❆❆❆❆

Winter has fallen. A time for heroes to break the ice.

Gwendolyn has never enjoyed being different, but she’s playing the cards she was dealt, rarely caring that people thought her to be the human robot of Seahill.

Her world is organized, with her career and duty to the Hero Society as her only focus.

Until him.

Arthur lives blissfully in a chaotic world of art. Then he sees her—his perfect canvas—and never looked away.

When a threat is made against the world, Arthur and Gwendolyn must work together to stop a powerful corporation from destroying the earth’s ecosystem.

The Heroes have a second chance to fight back the shadows of mankind.

Will they fail at the first true test of their renewed Society? Or will they repeat the same fatal mistakes, losing Earth in the process?


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