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Change is the only thing we can expect in the world.

Everything changes.

I don't know what will happen with Facebook and it's new community goal, and how it will effect seeing book information from me. Could be a good thing, or might not be. only time will tell.

I've been through so many ups and downs in this journey of writing books.

And that journey is not over. I have so much more to give to you guys. More stories, more adventures, and more laughs at my expense.

You readers are my family.

So, with that said. If you want to make sure you see all that I do, and can continue to stalk me/my books then here are all the possible links, etc I can think of. You don't have to follow all. but just in case Facebook dose dives and you aren't able to see about upcoming releases, then you will have a backup. I'd hate to never know about my favorite authors and books coming. So I'm doing this with my favorites too.

I know Facebook pages will still be ok, but now will be on it's own separate feed.

I hope things don't change for the worse, I hope this turns into something beautiful and amazing. but just in case....

Here you go.

You can also subscribe to my Newsletter on this website.

I will be active for you guys. If anything I owe it to you all to keep you as informed as possible. You've given me a chance and that means the world to me.

<3 Jessica Florence

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