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I'm going to make it up to you!

I suck at this website blog thing guys! For reals. But I really want to do better. This year has been so hard on me, but I am like 98% out of my funk! Woot. So I will be doing more! Scouts Honor ( I wasn't ever a scout but whatevs) You guys are the best readers, friends, and supports I could ever ask for.

So to make it up to you, and my pretty website that I worked hard on. Here is an Excerpt of Day. Book 2 in my Hero Society Series. For those who don't know I started and Epic Superhero Romance series, Dawn is book one, and Day is book two. Will be releasing Feb 1, 2018.


So here it is! Enjoy!!!!

The blurb for Day will be on Friday this week (Dec 1) I will make sure to post it on here!

(Note: This is completely unedited, and teeny bits may be subject to change)


God, I feel like shit. I groaned and rolled over to shade my eyes from the light coming in through the little window. What the hell did I do last night. My eyelids pulled back and the sight before me was not what I was expecting.

“Jesus Christ.” I flew back off my bed and smack the side of my cabin. Punching a whole right through it.


“Good morning Star.” The beauty lying in my bed in only just my shirt stretched and looked at me with hungry eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing on my boat?” I tried not to freak out anymore otherwise I could do more damage to Lily Blue. The black haired girl sat up and looked at me with her head titled to the side. Like she was trying to figure something out. Suddenly a big grin grew on her face and she laughed. Hard.

This woman was crazy.

“Oh boy. You don’t remember shit do you?” She crawled towards me and I tripped backwards to get away from her. Fucking up my boat even more.

“Just stay where you are, and tell me what the hell is going on.” I put a hand out trying to get her to stay away from me. I could have sworn I saw hurt flash in her eyes, but then she gave me a wicked grin and licked from my wrist to my fingers.

“Well, Leon.” She sat up on her knees.

“You and I got hitched last night. So husband.” She teased me with that last word.

“I’m in my new home.” She looked around and smiled at her new home.

Oh shit. My legs gave out from shock.

I was married. That can’t be. I was about to deny it but then she reached over to the little table on the other side and grabbed a piece of paper.

“Here.” She handed it to me, and there you go. Signed by both of us, two witnesses, and the notary that did it We were legally married.

“I can’t deal with this shit right now.” I groaned and then not on accident I turned and punch more holes in my boat. Not giving one shit at the moment.

“Now I know how you carried me all over Seahill last night. So strong.” She purred. Not looking at me like the freak I was.

“Yeah. Your new husband is a freak of nature. He can crumble a car up like a piece of paper. Oh and some other little bit of info you probably didn’t know. I’m wicked fast too. Can run faster than the fastest car there is.” I was having a breakdown. Last thing I remembered was get hammered at the club after Charles called to tell me he wasn’t getting that surgery. Then my eyes narrowed at the beauty before me.

“You’re the cage dancer.” I remembered her, and I remembered her sitting in my lap. Talking. But then things start to get fussy until there is just nothing until this morning.

“ That’s me baby.” She came closer and I just couldn’t do this right now.

“I’m sorry about all this. But I don’t wanna be married.” We had to get this thing annulled, and quick.

She looked at me again then started that same big grin laugh she had done before. Crazy woman.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news honey. But we got married in Seahill baby. That means we have to wait a month before we can get this marriage taken care of.”


“Well, I need to go get some of my things and make this place more homey for me.” She stood and took off her shirt. She had been completely naked beneath my shirt. She reached over to grab her outfit from last night.

Did we sleep together? I mean technically we were married and that was our wedding night.

“The answer to your question is no. We didn’t fuck. I was about to hop on ya, but you passed out. So I bundled you up like the good wife I am and went to sleep.” She pulled up her tight leather pants and started working on her top.

My eyes got stuck on her body as she wiggled in front of me. She had pieced nipples, with little wings coming out the sides of the barbells.

“Like what you see?” she teased, and I covered my face in my hands.

“I’ll see you later honey.” She walked up to me and pressed a kiss to my hands before leaving the boat.

I stayed there, stunned. This could not be happening to me. What the hell was I going to do?

“ Obviously you have to stay married for a month. Asshole,” I said to myself.

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