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What's good in the hood?

It has been a wicked few weeks for more, so I kinda failed on my every week blog post already. But that's ok. Moving on!

I just got back from Holiday with the Belle's in Dallas, TX.

It was soo much fun! I met so many new people and got to hug old friends.

I really love signings. It feels like they revive me.

Now for some really cool news.

I had told myself I wasn't going to write until after this past weekend in the beginning of January. Well I tried to write before it, and I had nothing. I had put a mental block on myself. Crazy right?!

But now it's over!!

I can write again!!

Wooo hooo!

ANDD I have a name!

for Joel's story. Joel is Killian's bff from Long Drive.

I'm super excited to dive into his book!

I will be giving you guys little excerpts, etc as I go along.

That's all for now folks!


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