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New Year, New Goals.

Happy New Year!!

It's day one of 2017.

A day of new beginnings.

This new year has officially begun and we can make it our bitch.

One Goal of mine for 2017 was to make one blog post on my website a week. I seriously lack on this and I can't quite understand why besides out of sight, out of mind. But guess what?

It's my website and I am going to own it!

I will be talking about whatever strikes my fancy. Books, thoughts, recipes, and whatever else I want.

So today I start that goal.

I wanna talk about some of my other goals. I believe if you put them out there in the universe then you make it a possibility to happen. If you bottle your wishes inside you, then they don't go anywhere else but stay in you. OK folks, here we go. In no particular order, I present to you..

🌟 Goals for 2017 🌟

Get my daughter out of Diapers. So done with that.

Find more balance in life. Being a wife, a mother, running/owning a full time business, house wife duties, and being an author is hard. I want to find a happy medium to be the best at these I can be.

Get stronger. I would like to be healthier blah blah, but in truth I would like to get stronger. I'd like to do a push up. Like a REAL push up, because right now if I was in a foot of water and my survival was based on doing a push up then I'd drown.

Not eat shit food everyday all day. I've gained 15lbs since Aug. But I haven't exercised, I've been stressed, and I've been eating junk like 3 times a day. I kid you not. It's horrible and I wanna stop. Not stop for good. Can't live a life without tacos and pizza. I mean really. But Just moderation.

I want to keep writing, even if I don't publish everything right away. writing is easy, publishing is hard. It's expensive. And I have come to a place where that balance goal will need to come to a head in this category as well.

I want to travel on one non book related vacation. As of right now I really wanna go to Port Angeles, WA. It looks super awesome. We will see if that is where we go, but I have to go somewhere.

Go on at least one date with my husband a month. Hand the child over the babysitter and do something together.

Do more me. I am the type of person that goes above and beyond for everyone else. I mean everyone! Spreading myself thin, and killing my brain. I hadn't had a hair cut since Sept.! I need to do me.

This is more of a wish list point than a goal, but I wanna sign at The Big Apple Author Event in NYC hosted by Southern Belle Book Blog and Elle Christensen. My chances aren't that great, but you never know. *Crossing fingers*

Be more in the moment than constantly thinking about the future. I live in the future a lot, and I need to come back to the present. It's a really beautiful place when you take the time to breath in it.

I feel like these are attainable goals, and I can make them happen. I am a very ambitious person when I want something. So now it's out in the universe!

If you have any goals you want to put out there in the universe, drop them in the comment below!

Let's make 2017 our year!

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