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This book has been a long time coming, and I finally feel like it's their turn to tell their story. So ladies and gents. I present to you...


Rex and Dallas's story. You met them in Evergreen and now it's their turn!


He was my white knight ever since he saved me as a kid. I’d dreamed of being with Rex Evans until my life went down the rabbit hole and there was no one to save me, except myself. I changed my name, changed my appearance, and left my desolate life. When Rex waltzed back into my world, I was unsure if he knew I was the girl he saved in our past, so I kept the facade of being friends. But now he wants more, and I’m not sure the risk is worth it. He isn’t my dream knight anymore. One night of pent up passion is suddenly released, and now I'm pregnant with his child. Our relationship has changed and we don’t know where our paths are heading. But when my old life tries to clash with my new one, I have no choice but to turn to the man who knows my secrets, and trust that he will protect the family he wasn’t sure he wanted. I will believe. He will choose. We will be vindicated.


ADD to your TBR-

Release date- Fall 2016.

Cover reveal- Sept 2016

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