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What is happening?

I've had a few questions about what I'm doing, when books are coming out, etc. So I'd like to give you guys the down low..

Before I get into what all I am doing, and planning. I want to let you know where I have been.

I have been in a depressive state lately. Yeah.. Really sad, negative thoughts, just having a dark cloud over my head, so I haven't really been writing. I've been to down to do so. I finally feel like I am starting to break free from that feeling, and am back to writing. But I am not going to pressure myself to put out a book every month. I am writing at my leisure. This is what I feel I need to do in order to not drive myself insane. I really hope you guys understand and will be patient with me.

So now for the good stuff!

Right now I am writing

Battle of the Heart, the final book in the OF the Heart Trilogy. It's taken me a while to write this book because I write whatever book I am feeling. Forcing myself to write the story would only hurt it in my opinion. I want you as the reader to feel my love and passion for these characters through my words. But I am writing it now! I plan to have it out in the fall. When in the fall. unsure.

I am also writing Rex and Dallas's story from Evergreen. I name this book Vindicated. I am excited for you to read their story, It has been a long time coming as well. I am working on these book at the same time yes. Just bouncing back and forth. Whichever I feel that day. Battle of the Heart will be coming first in the publication order, but since I am working on them at the same time, I could have this book out in the fall as well. We will see. <3

I have plans for Cameron, and Casey from The Final Chase to get their own story eventually. ;)

Other than that I have some cool Ideas in my head but am going to focus on the two I am doing now.

What else is happening? Hmmm I will be attending two signings as an author, Authors of Southern Charm in SC July 23, and Just another book signing Fl Aug 6. I will also be attending a few other signings as a reader in the fall, so hopefully I will get some hugs then from you guys.

I think that covers everything. If you have any other question, I would love to answer them!! Shoot me a message or email!

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