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Products in the Shop Author Notes

This is a disclaimer/ note for products such as Art prints, stickers, anything sprayed edges, and the big hard cover omnibuses. 

These products are made by the author. 
Drawn, designed, and sprayed. 
The omnibus is being hand bound by the author. 
While I (Jessica Florence) aim for complete professional and perfect products, I am not a huge publishing company or book box creator.  
I am a human who wanted to try fun things and create for anyone who wants to join in. My sprayed edges are not identical, same on every book. There will be variations, there may be a bit of paint inside. I am human. 
If you are expecting the highest of quality like a big publisher, then you may be disappointed. 
If you are looking for something pretty and fun, then you're in the right place. 
My vow to you is that you will have a solid product made by me (Jessica Florence) 

If there is an major issue (binding coming undone, or bad scratches, tears, big paint splatter, bad printing) please message me and we will get you taken care of. 

Tiny paint issues, or minor mistakes, please think of them like little gems that prove I'm a human instead of a robot <3


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