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Knotty Teacher

Episode One


“Are you fucking kidding me?” I groaned at my best friend Lexie. I thought we were going out to a normal club to dance and have some fun. But what was going on in front of me was not what I was expecting.

Lexie grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the crowd of sitting women watching a man tie a woman up very intricately with ropes.

“I can’t believe you brought me to a B.D.S.M club. What is this Rope night? Like what would be an eighties night at a normal club?” I was shaking my head and digging my heels into the tiled floor.

“Oh, come on, I know you read about this stuff, and I’ve been wanting to learn about it.” She looked at me with pleading brown eyes. She looked like a vixen ready to seduce the next man that she set her sights on. Wearing a black dress that was open in the chest down to her belly button, with little strings criss- crossing to hold it together. Lots of cleavage was on display. But it worked, especially in this occasion. I had gone a little bit more modest approach than she did.

My long auburn hair was naturally flowing down to my middle back. Freckled bare shoulders were showing from my strapless dress. Still, it was only a strapless dress that clung to my body and stopped a few inches before my knee. Nothing fancy but it worked on me.

I was a nurse and had no other life outside of when Lexie dragged me out of the house, afraid I was going to become a hermit if I kept it up.

“You want to learn this?” I questioned her while watching the stage curiously. The man had now grabbed a large vibrator and was pressing it against the girl’s clit, that I could now see. Oh my.

“Yes I do! Come one let’s just watch for a little bit and if you wanna go back to your kindle and cup of tea on the coffee table we will.”  I knew she meant it; she would leave if I wanted to. She was that good of a friend.  I guess I needed to be the same amazing friend to her. It was just one night, and would be like watching porn. With a bunch of people around, no big deal.

I liked porn. I like romance novels, and erotica. Had I experienced stuff like that in real life? Nope. Only had sex once and it was horrible. Just in and out, in and out. Over and over. No creative stuff, no change of pace, or going harder. Just in, out, in out. Thirty minutes later I made up some lie to end it.  So now, I just lived out the fantasies in the books, and videos while in a long-term relationship with my vibrator.

“Fine.”  I agreed and unglued my heels from the floor.

“Yay! I heard one of the riggers tonight is amazing, can’t wait to watch him.” She exclaimed and I just shrugged. I’d seen this type of stuff before online and it hadn’t really done anything for me, but who knows, maybe real life bondage would be better.

We watched as the man finished torturing his willing victim with the vibrator and lowered her to the ground. She had a look of pure bliss on her face and for a moment there I envied that look. Her rigger untied her, and then she sat in his lap with a blanket covering her body to the side of the stage. He was comforting her, in a loving way. She must have gotten a serious emotional release from the session. Interesting.

“Next up ladies, if the rigger you’ve been waiting for.  Give your nipples a pinch for Teacher.” An announcer called out, and I felt like hiding my face behind my hair.

“This is him. All I know is he is really good at this, women love him, but he never touches them. If they want pleasure, someone else does it after he’s warmed the woman up with just the rope play itself.”

I could feel her excitement buzzing next to me, and I’ll admit it made me curious about this mystery rigger.

Two men walked on the stage, one carrying a bag with an assortment of ropes I assumed. He was tall, built like a linebacker with brown hair and an eye color I couldn’t make out from where we sat.

The man next to him was not as large but he held himself in a way that made you want to cast down your gaze. Strong, confident in every move he maid toward the middle of the stage. That had to be Teacher. Muscles that were barely contained behind his button up shirt, sleeves that were rolled up to his elbows with black ink showing on his forearms.  He hadn’t looked at the crowd yet, and while a few selected women cheers, majority of us were quiet. Feeling his presence coat over the room, dominating from a few feet away.

I didn’t know what had come over me, but suddenly I wanted to watch him. Feel his black hair beneath my fingers, and please him.

“Alright, who is going to be our lucky volunteer tonight?” the announcer asked the room with pure excitement ringing in his voice, and suddenly I wanted to go back to hiding.

I didn’t want to be picked, part of me didn’t want that intimate side of myself out for everyone to see, and the other part of me wanted to be touched by him. Only him. Not some assistant.

Lexie was bouncing in her seat with her hand held high, willing to sell her soul for a chance to be demonstrated on. I however kept my head low, trying to appear smaller so my chances of being picked were minimal.


The voice that had so confidently spoken was not the announcers. Everyone quieted so fast you could hear a pin drop.

I looked up to see who had been picked and found all eyes on me. No, it couldn’t be me.

My gaze darted up to the man on the stage to find him staring at me with such intensity that shivers broke out over my skin. My nipples hardened and I felt my core clench from that feral look he was giving me.

“Tessa, you’re the chosen one. Get up there.”  Lexie whispered and nudged my shoulder.

“Come to me bunny.” He didn’t make any other gesture for me to join him besides his words. Hell, his voice alone was turning me on to the point I wish I had worn panties beneath my dress.

Despite the fear that was trying to keep my rooted in my seat, I held his gaze and rose to my feet.  I felt Teacher’s satisfaction from my acceptance to be his volunteer for his demonstration from the way his eyes narrowed, and his jaw twitched. He didn’t appear angry, but hungry. Like he was eagerly waiting to tie me up, to redden my flesh a little as I’d seen the men in the porn that I watched did.

Just before climbing up the stairs of the stage, the announcer handed me a clipboard with a consent form to sign at the bottom. I knew what I was doing, and I knew that after whatever happened tonight, I would never see any of these people again. It gave me a sort of internal peace that this would be a night that I let it all go and become someone else completely. After it was all said and done, I’d have an interesting story to never tell another soul about.

My heels clicked on the stage as I walked right up to Teacher and his very large assistant.

Teacher was still as a statue, with that all too hot gaze now roaming over my body like fire across my skin. I stepped in front of him and waited. I knew I couldn’t look at the crowd, and I didn’t want to. If I saw they were watching I’d get skittish, so I kept my eyes trained on the man before me.

He stepped forward, his hand reaching out to run an inch over my shoulder letting me feel the heat from his fingers but not actual contact of his warm skin. My bottom lip was drawn between my teeth to stifle the moan that threatened to release.

“Your safe word is cinnamon, say it for me.” He leaned in, his breath tickling the skin beneath my ear.

“Cinnamon.” I don’t know how I managed to not moan the word, but I did.

“Very good.” He purred and my knees felt weak. Abruptly, he took a step back and reached into his bag to pull out a soft looking red rope.

“Hands behind your back Pet.” The purring was gone, and all that was left was the command to do as he said. There was no room for anything else. His hands got to work on tying me up which his assistant explained the rules to me, and then told the crowd what Teacher was doing. I was only vaguely listening to him say I was not to touch the rigger, and any pleasure if needed would be done by him like Lexie said. Teacher only did the rope part, never anything else. Which was a shame. With every touch of his strong fingers tightening the rope over my flesh, his breath would make my skin break out in goosebumps. He moved me, worked me over until I was grateful, he had bound me in a way that my legs could give out. Rope bit into my arms, my back, and between my breasts in the most delicious way I would have never expected.

Every time he tightened the rope against me, I’d imagine the way his cock would feel thrusting into me, his breath against my neck, and those perfectly bow shaped lips hot against my shoulder.

I was primed and gave no fucks about who was watching me have this life altering experience.

“Fuck.” I heard Teacher curse as his hands coasted down my thighs to bind them. He saw the evidence of what he was doing to me, just as I felt it rolling down my thigh. Even if I had worn panties, I doubt they would have been much of a barrier for how turned out I was right now.

“Do you need pleasure bunny?” Teacher’s voice was not that sweet purr that made my sex clench, but a demand. One that only I could hear. I nodded, needing something, anything to make the throbbing ache between my legs stop.

Tell me what you need Pet.”

His command made the throbbing between my legs stronger. I wanted to writhe, to moan, to do something other than remain tied like this. There was no relief I could give myself, my pleasure would come from the assistant since Teacher did not touch the women he rigged in these demonstrations. He tied them up, but never gave them the actual release they craved.

“I need you to make me come,” I didn’t know if my voice carried into the rest of the room, and I didn’t care if it did. I was needy, and I wanted him, not his assistant.

“I will not touch you,” His voice disappeared from beside my head and I heard the rustling of a bag behind me. Maybe Teacher was stepping aside so the assistant could take care of my needs, which made my muscles tense at the thought of him touching me. My nerves were hypersensitive, I felt every rub of the ropes, and every sensation of the air against my exposed skin.

Breath caressed my exposed pussy and if I could have moved, I would have leaped into the air from the surprise of someone’s mouth being close to there.

A buzzing noise echoed through the air, and my body began to tingle from the anticipation of whatever vibrating toy connection with my core. I was ready, primed, but there was something missing. I needed something to ease my mind, that feeling in my gut that this is wrong.  I shouldn’t want this, to be hung up and made come in front of a group of people by someone I didn’t know.

“Relax Pet, I said I wouldn’t touch you, but I never said I wouldn’t make you come,” Teacher’s seductive voice caressed my neck as an intense vibration hit my sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out, wanting to move, to fight the bonds that held me together. He had that vibrator on high and my legs began to shake from the orgasm that barreled toward me without remorse.

“Come for me Pet.” The man demanded my release, and it followed his instruction like a salivating puppy.

I bit my lips, a sore attempt to fight back the screams only there was not containing the volume of my moans when the orgasm hit. Wave after wave, he kept that high vibrations against my clit, riding the tsunami of pleasure running from my pink toe nails and back up. 

“You’re a goddess pet, I’ve never been so tempted to take a taste. Your creamy skin begs to be redden by my hand.” His voice added to the aftershocks of bliss that wrecked my body, over and over. The vibrations were almost to much on my sensitive flesh, I didn’t think I could handle another orgasm, this experience had already cut me open. I felt vulnerable and the reality of what I did on this stage with a man I’ve never met in front of these people settled in.

“Cinnamon.” I muttered, and felt the vibrations stop instantly. My body sagged against the rope, the tight material pinching against my arms, and back.

His assistant started explaining about the material, and how these particular bonds could be useful in certain situations. He talked as if I hadn’t just screamed my release while a man who doesn’t pleasure anyone whispered such things in my ear and I came harder than I had ever done before.

“Leave your number with the doorman Pet.” Teacher stood in front of me, his hands reached out to steady me should I need it.

I didn’t want him touching me while I felt so vulnerable, but I needed it. I wasn’t going to fall on the stage because my pride got the better of me. My gaze lifted to his as his arms scooped me up and walked me toward a seat in the dark beside the stage. He sat down and cradled me in his lap.
Tears began rolling down my cheeks and I had no idea why, all this felt so strange to me, and raw.

“Emotions are normal after this, especially if it’s your first time.” He held me, and all I could do was nod against his chest. He didn’t say anything, nor did his hands move anywhere that would be considered inappropriate. Although after what happened on that stage, I didn’t think appropriate really mattered here. It had been some other woman that went on that stage and let this man make her come, certainly it hadn’t been me.

“I’m ready to go, uh, thanks.” I untangled my body from his muscular arms, and stood.

“Your number. Leave it with the doorman.” His words held no hesitation, and he didn’t really ask, he just demanded. Well, that girl he acted submissive to him was gone and the normal Tessa was coming back to the scene. I didn’t say a word, as I turned on my heels and walked back to Lexie. Her cheeks were pink and she had a mischievous smile on her face as I approached.

“I wanna go.” I announced and before she even stood, I began walking toward the door.

“You were so fucking hot, girl. I am so proud of you.” Lexie caught up to me just as the door man led us out.  Prickles of awareness ran up my spine, and I knew, I knew Teacher’s gaze narrowed on my back. He thought I would follow his orders and tell the doorman my number for him. 

I dared a glance back at him, and saw my intuition was right. He was standing to the side of the stage, his strong arms crossed over his chest, gaze honed on me.

He was too much for me, a man that would consume my whole world if I let him take one more step into it. I had my new job, and a new life ahead of me. This night, however memorable, would stay where it belonged, not in my future.

Still, it could be a fun time with him if I left my number with the doorman.

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