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Fall has faded.
A time for heroes to break a curse. 

Selene Constance is like no other hero she’s met before. Drawn to death like a moth to a flame, she is a reaper of souls who need to move on. She uses her gifts to help answer the unsolved murders of Seahill as a reporter while doing as her blood calls her to do—find the souls and take them to their afterlife. At least, that was her reality. 

Until him.
Jude Mallory, the ringleader of the infamous, spectacular circus of ghosts. 
But there is more to Jude than the simple performer. He is the gatekeeper to holding the dead where they belong. Protecting mankind from an uprising of those they cannot see, just like his forefathers. 

Together, they must find a killer who has been leaving a string of bodies at every show Jude performs. But being together comes at a price. Will they damn the world for a chance at love, or will they find a way to break the deal that has to be paid in blood?

It’s the heroes against the dead in a battle of love versus a curse. But their time is running out, for, on October 31, Jude Mallory must die.

This book can be read as a complete Standalone.

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